Productivity Pact | Day 47 | List Journal

Not everybody enjoys journaling but I think it is important to have a record of your life in some way or another. This does not mean you have to set out hours each week to sit and document your latest coffee drinking habits in full detail; it can mean just simply jotting things down in list format when you have the chance and going back and adding to them again and again. List Journaling.

For my list journal I chose this notebook because the cover pattern makes me laugh, also the paper is high quality and has margins to make listing easier.

DSC_0693 copy DSC_0694 copy

I have to say this is probably one of the easiest blog posts I have ever written because the rest is pretty self-explanatory. All you have to do is list things. To help you get started I have come up with some ideas of things you might want to include. So here’s a list of things to list:

  1. Favorite foods
  2. Favorite bands/artists
  3. Reasons to live
  4. People you love
  5. People you miss
  6. Tv shows you like
  7. Inspirational people
  8. Favorite songs
  9. Places you want to visit
  10. Names for future children
  11. Jobs you would like
  12. Languages you want to learn
  13. Recipes you want to try
  14. Things you want to have accomplished by 30/40/50 etc.
  15. Colors you love
  16. Birthday wish list
  17. Fears
  18. Books to read
  19. Movies to see
  20. Best memories

DSC_0698 copy DSC_0699 copy

Take those twenty prompts and expand upon them in any way you would like. There are no wrong answers in the pages of your own journal, as you look back you will see that your taste in certain things may have changed. This doesn’t mean you should cross them out because once they meant enough to you to write down – instead just continue to add your new tastes at the bottom. If you want to be able to look back and see exactly which things you liked at the same time why not colour code it? For a more creative journal experience try a more scrapbooking approach and create lists in different ways with pictures or symbols, maybe old magazine pages.

The most important thing is only do it when you want to and feel you really have something to add, don’t turn it into a chore!

What other prompts have you used to make a list? Comment below!

Thanks for reading.

Sophie x


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