Productivity Pact | Day 45 | Planner Decoration

Today my sister decided she wanted to show you that even with a small budget and limited supplies you can still decorate your planner so that it’s cute and functional. We managed to use the supplies we had in just one of our craft drawers – here’s what we designed.

First we picked up a generic 2016 planner in our local poundland. It’s the kind of diary people usually just write in as they feel there is no space to decorate and oh how wrong they are. To make the cover look a bit more interesting but still maintain some air of professionalism we went for some subtle stickers around the title lettering. Eye catching but not too much.

DSC_0667 copy

Next we moved onto the first spread. Now as this is just a normal diary it is set out in days with time slots so it’s not as simple as just filling empty boxes with stickers – some creativity and sticker maneuvering was required. Pink polka dot was our chosen washi tape so we decided on a pink and blue colour scheme. Before sticking anything down we rifled through several sheets of stickers that were lying around; nothing special just various free sheets from magazines and such, to find ones that matched the colour scheme. Once we were happy with our selection of stickers we had to work out if there were any alterations that needed making to the actual layout of the planner, my sister decided there were some more sections that she needed as opposed to just time slots so she grabbed a pink pencil and sectioned rectangles off so she could create areas for lists and meal planning.

DSC_0672 copyDSC_0671 copy

Bright colors are always helpful when you need to either get to information quickly or remember something easily, so make sure you have some bright sharpies or gel pens to hand when decorating. Of course we went with the colors that we decided would match our color scheme but it is entirely up to you.

After the lists were organized we moved onto actually sticking things down, first we went around all the edges with washi tape, then we layered stickers over it and penciled in anything already scheduled.

DSC_0674 copy DSC_0670 copy

The great thing with planner decoration is that you can do whatever you want, it may take a while to get used to where you can put things and how much actual decoration space you have – but once you are used to it it will become a quick and satisfying session of decorating every week or month.

DSC_0668 copy DSC_0669 copy

Use page flags and sticky notes to keep everything looking neat whilst it’s still being finalized. Also remember that this is your planner so as long as you can understand it and like the design it is fine.

Do you make your own stickers or buy them for planning?

Thanks for reading.

Sophie x


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