Productivty Pact | Day 40 | Stationery Haul

There are just ten days left of the productivity pact, it has gone so quickly! In order to make sure I am fully prepared to go back to school in ten days I went out and bought all the stationery I could possibly need, so here’s what I got.

Pencil cases don’t have to just be functional items which is why I chose to buy a cute make-up bag and use it as a pencil case instead. There were so many designs to choose from and although I chose one with just one pocket there were some with several pockets and the size range available means there is literally something for everyone.

I decided on this one because of the Aztec print, it caught my eye although I have to admit there were quite a few that I wanted to buy.

DSC_0551 copy

The next thing I bought were some mechanical pencils, they are so much better than normal pencils. No more sharpening or graphite all over the bottom of your pencil case. Also they come in all kinds of cool colors and are really cheap. Win, win.

DSC_0557 copy

Alongside some trusty pencils I obviously needed some good black pens, to use for everyday writing. I just went for the good old standard bic ball points along with some more fancy gel rollers. I really like the way the gel ink pens write as they just seem to flow well across the page.

DSC_0560 copyDSC_0562 copy

To make my notes stand out more and help me revise I find it’s a good idea to invest in a reliable set of highlighters. Having plenty of different colors helpful as it helps separate ideas on the page, so this pack of five was perfect.

DSC_0554 copy

As well as highlighters some form of colored pens or fine liners are a must have, I often use them when labeling diagrams for arrows and such. Basically the more color you have on the page the better. I picked up the two packs below.

DSC_0555 copy DSC_0559 copy

Now with all these pens it is inevitable that you are going to make some mistakes and nothing is worse than having to cross out something on your work, making it look messy and unorganized – which is why it is so important to have some kind of white out with you at all times. Even if it just stays buried in the bottom of your pencil case, at least it’s there. You can get it in all types of different forms so don’t worry if your school has banned the generic pot like I know may here have; switch it out for a tippex mouse or pen. This handy pack of four was just a pound and will definitely last me all year. For those mistakes in pencil make sure you have a packet of cute erasers so that making mistakes is slightly more fun – how adorable are these flowers!

DSC_0558 copyDSC_0563 copy

You know when you get given that last minute deadline and you need to jot it down so you end up ripping a piece of paper out the nearest book. Don’t bother. Instead pick yourself up a set of adorable sticky notes and carry them in your bag at all times, you can get sets for just ninety-nine pence so you won’t ever miss another deadline or meeting again.

DSC_0553 copy DSC_0552 copy

The last thing I bought was a plain purple binder to keep all those stray pieces of paper in, I’m fed up of them getting scrunched up and destroyed in the bottom of my bag so that when I hand them in the teacher thinks I don’t care. This year I wan’t to show that I do actually take pride in the work I do so I purchased a binder with some plain paper and dividers in to make sure I can do this as efficiently as possible. The fact the binder is plain also means I can decorate it, I’m thinking a collage of all the things I love. As I got three (one for each subject) decorating them will also make it easier to pick them out easily and quickly when I need to access work.

DSC_0565 copy

If you want to see more of my stationery haul you can take a look at my youtubeΒ video where I show you everything.

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow.

Sophie x


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