Productivity Pact | Day 38 | Watermelon Brooch

It’s a vary rare occasion that I pick up a magazine, not because I don’t love reading but because I don’t have the time. So when I know I will be sitting in the car for several hours I make sure to grab one to take for the ride. This time I chose ‘Mollie Makes’ and today I finally found the time to sit down and make the cover gift, which was a watermelon brooch.

DSC_0497 copyDSC_0494 copy

The kit came with four pieces of faux leather, in green, pink, beige and gold. It also came with some gems and brooch clips. Out of the kit you could also make a pineapple brooch but today I just made the watermelon.

DSC_0496 copy

The first thing I did was trace the templates given to me at the back of the magazine, if you didn’t manage to pick up a copy I am sure it is easy enough to find the outline of a watermelon slice online to trace.

DSC_0498 copy DSC_0500 copy

Then I cut out the tracings and drew round them again but this time over the faux leather in the appropriate colors. Pink for the main part of the watermelon then gold for the rim and another green rim slightly larger.

DSC_0504 copy

Once I was happy with the outlines I cut them out and placed them so I could see what the finished product would look like. Once I was happy I used double sided tape to stick all the pieces together then trimmed the excess.

DSC_0508 copyDSC_0509 copy DSC_0510 copy

After I had stuck everything down I took out the small gems that came in the kit and again attached these with double sided tape so they stuck well. Then I drew around the entire shape one last time on the pink leather, I cut this out and stuck it on the back to make the brooch thicker. Using super glue I attached the brooch pin to the back.

DSC_0511 copyDSC_0513 copy DSC_0514 copyDSC_0518 copy

The brooch ended up looking really pretty, I was really pleased with the kit. Now I need to make the pineapple one! I also am definitely going to look to purchase the magazine again.

DSC_0525 copyDSC_0546 copy

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow.

Sophie x



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