Productivity Pact | Day 37 | Cute Room Organization & Decoration

This Summer I haven’t spent that much time in my room but, now that college starts in a couple of weeks I just know I’m going to be in there 24/7 ‘studying’. So these are a few of the ways I decorate and stay organized at the same time.

Investing in this adorable set of drawers was one of the best things I have ever done, they sit on the top of my bedside table and make the perfect place to store all those extras I need easy access to on a daily bases. I keep things such as hair bobbles, bookmarks and books in here! In fact I have filled these drawers with so much stuff they are starting to bow a little – it has been nearly five years since I got them, it’s okay though I will just use some cardboard to reinforce them if it gets worse.

On top is also a great place to stand my earring holder and leave things such as my phone, along with some perfume bottles and necklaces.

DSC_0481 copyDSC_0480 copyDSC_0482 copy

To keep myself motivated throughout the year I also like to scour local shops for inspirational quotes that I can prop or hang up. One of my favorites is the one below, I just love the look and feel of the whole thing. Even though the wood doesn’t really match my room decor I had to get it!
DSC_0486 copy

Now for some reason my room seems to acquire more and more junk as the months progress, I’m not sure if it’s just me? After a while there are just random small objects everywhere and it starts to really irritate me so when my sister offered me these adorable tubs I couldn’t say no. They do a great job of hiding the clutter but are also really easy to get to if I’m looking for something – originally they had beauty products in.

DSC_0484 copy

I find it so boring when you sit down to work on a project and your surroundings are plain. In order to have some source of inspiration I need colour and decorations, currently I can’t get enough of heart shaped things which is why when I was given this heart to hang up it took center place above my bed. Now there is something hanging on my walls to lift my mood.

DSC_0492 copy

People seem to forget that functional items don’t have to look plain and boring, cork boards are a great way to smash this idea straight out the park. I hung mine up with some pretty string, then added a collage of all my favorite things I made when I was younger. This is also where I hang one of my many calendars (yes I know I do not need more than one calendar I just always seem to end up with about three), this months calendar color is orange which isn’t my favorite but it will soon be time to flip it over and I can still use the carrot cake recipe. To help me file my paperwork more efficiently I have pinned up a plastic wallet where I keep letters so I can read them and pull them out if they need handing in. The rest of the board is filled up with various sketches and information I need for other things.

DSC_0490 copy

Lighting is such an important feature of any more which is why I chose to hang these paper lanterns around my window, they were really cheap and are battery operated – all I had to do was tape them up. I know many people don’t like lighting candles anymore as they are scared of the fire hazard but I have never had a problem with them and love the way they look and smell. Obviously along with these sources of lighting I also have my main light and a small desk lamp for when I need more light on my work. I suppose the paper lanterns are more mood lighting as they aren’t particularly bright but they are still one of the main features in my room.

Thumbnail room decor draft

I think I may have mentioned in previous blog posts that I have a slight obsession with buying bags; okay it’s more of an obsession that is spiraling out of control but anyway… buying a cheap make-up bag is a great way to add storage to your room. They come in so many different designs and shapes there is always going to be one that suits you and it’s not like you have to use them for make-up supplies; they are the perfect size for a pencil case or for filling with craft supplies. Plus you can grab it off the shelf and take it with you to another room or just out whenever you need.

Don’t you think this anchor design is just perfect?

DSC_0491 copy

So that was just a quick round-up of some super cute room organization and decoration ideas, I hope you found them useful – thanks for reading.

I’ll see you tomorrow!

Sophie x



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