Productivity Pact | Day 34 | If I could have anything…

Today is going to be a slightly wordier post than usual as I was tagged in the ‘If I could have anything’ post by my good friend Daisy. Without further ado lets get into the three things I would have if I could have anything. (Yes Daisy did ten but I am a terrible blogger and could only think of three that really meant something to me…)

  1. My first is similar to the one on Daisy’s list but only because it is something I would wish for too. If I could have anything I would have self hatred taken out of the equation. In today’s society it is all too common to hear of the child that just doesn’t think they are good enough, but it’s all lies. You are good enough, I am good enough, we are all good enough; because life is not some competition where we are all fighting for a chance to have approval from someone else – it gets twisted into that sometimes but that is not what it is.
  2. The second thing would be for everyone to experience the power of education and also music. ‘Music?’ You are saying. ‘That is no where near as important as education.’ Of course if it was the choice between the two, most would choose education; but I think alongside that music is just as important. Not only does music break down barriers, it heals hearts and helps people express emotions – everyone in this world should have the opportunity to experience finding a favorite song that really means something to them and expresses something they cannot put into words.
  3. A chance to say goodbye to those you may never see again. Not necessarily the just the ones that are no longer hereΒ but also those that have just moved on with their lives or slowly drifted away. Saying goodbye is hands down one of the hardest things we have to do in life but not saying goodbye and then never seeing someone again makes my heart feel like it’s going to shatter. Writing this I can think of several people, some who are here and some who are not, that I wish I had been able to have one last conversation with; whether it was to tell them how much I love them or how grateful I am that they were once a part of my life. I wish everyone had that chance.

So there you have it, that is my short list of things I would have if I could have anything. Deep down I am sure there are more things I would want, but it would take a long time to figure them out and explain them to you. All three of the things I listed really do mean something to me so I am happy with my choices.

If you could have one thing, what would it be?

Sophie x



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