Productivity Pact | Day 33 | School Supplies

This morning for teenagers all over the UK it was GCSE results day – myself included. It was pretty nerve wracking having to stand in line and wait for my envelope, but I am pleased to say I managed to get into my sixth form of choice! Which is why today’s post is all about essential school supplies to get you through the year.

The number one thing you need is obviously a pencil case; I have tried just carrying a pen around in the past and it always ended up with me being that one annoying person that needed to borrow other peoples things. Don’t be that person! Pencil cases come in all kinds of designs and patterns so there is something for everyone, and if you really want something customizable why not make your own using a piece of fabric, a zipper and some hot glue? Simply cut your piece of fabric to the desired size then fold and glue. Turn inside out before gluing the zipper on. You could even Β write or sew your initials on the front.

DSC_0448 copy

Once you have your pencil case you need to fill it with a load of stationery goodies. The necessities such as several black biros, a pencil, a sharpener and a ruler should go in first. After you have that all sorted it’s time to have some fun with the rest; some of my personal favorites are an assortment of sharpies (as they can be used for almost any projects you may have), a few cute erasers (especially the little animal ones) and another of my must haves is lots of different colored sticky notes in cute shapes. What else do you keep in your pencil case?

DSC_0444 copy DSC_0443 copy

Investing in a good planner is always a must at the beginning of term – it will help you to stay organized and keep your schedule safe. The last thing you want is to miss your homework deadline in the first week, make sure your first impression is a good one that lasts.

DSC_0447 copy

Cute binders are also great for filing away work for each subject, decorate the front of each one with collages of either things related to that subject or just some of your favorite things, then add a piece of washi tape to write your name on and you are good to go! You could also decorate your binder separators so each topic stands out, you’ll thank yourself when you go to revise later on.

I left the best till last – the bag. Maybe I’m just strange but there is nothing more satisfying than getting a new bag or just rejuvenating an old one. My favorite style is rucksack but there are so many more to choose from, shoulder bags, handbags and satchels are all bags I’ve seen people use. Go one step further and find a bag that matches all your supplies or customize it with a collection of badges/patches. Homemade key rings are also always a big hit and can make it easier to open zips.

DSC_0445 copy

Comment any essentials you think I’ve missed and good luck to those going back to school soon!

Sophie x




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