Productivity Pact | Day 32 | DIY Wooden Sign

Today I decided I would shake things up a little on my blog, so for day 32 of the productivity pact I invited a very good friend of mine to guest blog. Her only brief was to come up with something crafty and this is what she did:


I’m Daisycorn from the blog Unicornasaurus . My good friend, Sophie – who I’m 95% sure is secretly my sister- invited me to guest write a post on her blog ! Those of you avid bloggers out there will know that this is an enormous responsibility, imagine someone trusting you to read their diary or guard their secret stash of chocolate- that big! How could I turn down such an opportunity?

The only brief I was given was to make my entry crafty, so after some brainstorming, I came up with the perfect DIY! This post will show you how I went about creating this super cute and sparkly sign. This project was really inexpensive and easy to do, it could be displayed on the back of your bedroom door or you could even attach a piece of dowel/a pencil to the back of it and place it in a vase. The possibilities are only limited by how far your imagination is willing to stretch!

To make your own, you’ll need:

• A small, plain sign (I got mine from Amazon)
• Some PVA glue, you won’t need much
• A pencil and black marker
• Some sparkly bits (eg. Glitter, sequins or gems)


1) Remove all of the labels and stickers from your sign.

2) Now draw or write out the outline of what you want on your sign- I chose the words “official unicorn”.

11880976_1623777247870661_2067540722_n copy

3) I learnt that it’s best to fill the words or design in with your marker at this point, as it is hard to apply marker on top of glue.

11880912_1623777234537329_2034532083_n (1) copy

4) Spread glue on to one area of the sign at a time, it is much easier to apply glue to the sign and not to the back of each individual gem.

5) Place your gems (or other sparkly things) around the edge of your design and leave it to dry.

11911187_1623777241203995_1511304584_n copy 11897136_1623777217870664_1326665060_n (1) copy

That’s it! It really is as easy as that! If you try this DIY for yourself, be sure to send me a picture on Instagram,  I would love to see what you come up with, or you could share your masterpiece with Sophie on her Tumblr.

Happy crafting!
xo~ Daisycorn


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