Productivity Pact | Day 30 | Hama Bead Emoji

Does anyone else remember those tiny beads you used to get where you arrange them on a special plate in a pattern and then iron them to set your design? Well they are called Hama beads and recently they have been through the system and churned back up onto my pinterest so I thought I would purchase some and relive my childhood.

DSC_0405 copy

Smiley Emoji

You will need:

  • Light yellow beads
  • Dark yellow beads
  • Black beads
  • White beads
  • Red/Pink beads
  • Square plate
  • *Tweezers
  • *Cupcake tray

All items with a * next to them are optional.

Start by pouring out the different colored beads into separate cupcake holes in the tray. If you have a multi-pack you are going to have to sift through them like I did, if you are lucky enough to have packages with individual colors it will be a lot quicker! Then take your dark yellow beads and place them on the plate using the tweezers in the formation shown below. Five in a straight line then two diagonally on each side of the square.

DSC_0415 copy

Once you have done the outline you can add two black beads for the eyes and fourteen for the outline of the mouth, which starts touching the outside at the bottom. Inside the mouth place three red or pink beads in a straight line and then five white in a straight line above it.

DSC_0416 copy

Once you have done this you can simply fill in the rest with your lighter yellow beads.

DSC_0418 copy DSC_0417 copy

Cover with grease proof paper and iron on high for a few seconds, making sure to move the iron in circular motions and not just place it on top. Be careful as your creation will be too hot to touch for a while; whilst waiting for it to cool leave a heavy book on top of it so that it stays perfectly flat.

Once complete it should look something like this:

DSC_0420 copy

Maybe I’ll stick a magnet to the back of it using hot glue and add it to my fridge. I can’t believe we are already at Day 30, I’ll see you tomorrow!

Sophie x


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