Productivity Pact | Day 29 |Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is such a fun way to pass the time and organize your memories in a unique and creative way but it can become quite expensive, so I set myself the task of scrapbooking my latest holiday using only the scraps I had left over from a nearly empty scrapbooking kit and anything else I could find in the house. This is what I came up with.

Luckily for me there was one piece of backing paper left so I had a starting point, if I hadn’t had a piece of backing paper I could have used some border trimmings to create my outline. I really liked the palm trees in the bottom corner of the backing as they added more to the color scheme.

DSC_0392 copy

Next I began placing my die-cuts, I only had a few left so I was going to have to be more inventive with filling in the gaps. If you don’t have any ready made die-cuts it’s really easy to print out a design from online of a ticket stub/photo frame/etc. then cut it out and stick it to a piece of card. It’s important to have a rough idea of where you want everything to go before you start sticking otherwise you may run out of room or change your mind when it’s too late. You will see later that I removed some things from the design completely and twisted the layout several times. In order to incorporate the fact my holiday was at a water park I found some blue paper then cut it to look wavy before trimming it to size and placing it by the palm trees.

DSC_0393 copy

Once I had sorted out my die-cuts I logged onto the computer to find some photos of where I stayed, preferably I would have used photos that I took but they are on somebody else’s camera so I went for some nice ones off the resorts website. On the website they actually had edited some of the pictures to make them look like Polaroids so I printed these off and cut them out. Next I wrote on the ticket to remind myself of the date, place and who went when I flick back through my scrapbook in years to come!

Next I took out my sticker box and rummaged through to find all the camping related ones I could – I actually had a docrafts camping sheet which came in handy. I decided I would fill in the top corner with these by grouping them. Underneath this there was now a big gap which I spent ages trying to fill with various different pictures, but nothing seemed to match the colour scheme. Until finally I found some scraps of blue tissue paper which I ripped into little shreds and used to create a collage. With just the collage it looked a bit out of place and random so to tie it all together I printed off the logo from a restaurant we went to, then stuck it onto card and placed it over the top. This gave a nice new dimension to the page but to help add even more to the levels I used foam dots to raise the ticket rather than just gluing it down, if I hadn’t had any foam dots I would’ve just fold several pieces of tape over themselves to achieve the desired effect.

DSC_0394 copy

Collage copy

Right at the end I drew some dots around the page and colored them in with sharpie to fill in some of the blank spaces that were left.

Thanks for reading, I hope to do some more posts on scrapbooking in the future.

Sophie x


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