Productivity Pact | Day 28 | Wreck This Journal

The inspiration for todays post came from somehting I saw over on ourscintilla which is a blog I recently stumbled upon and am loving! It’s run by three best friends from the Netherlands and one of them (Emma) recently posted about her Wreck This Journal, I really enjoyed seeing what she’d done with hers and it made me want to pull mine off the shelf and jazz it up a bit – so I did.

Now I’ve had this journal quite a while so some of the ‘decoration’ is starting to look more like graffiti to me, which is why I decided to go over the front cover with some star stickers – just to make it a bit more pleasing to the eye and distract from some of the scribbles on there. At some point I hope to cover over the title either with sharpie or some other form of lettering.

DSC_0369 copy

Next I grabbed the pack of Sharpies (which I actually went out and bought this morning) and got to work on the edges of the book. Beforehand they had writing all over them but with a few different colored sharpies and about ten minutes the writing was no longer visible. I also let the sharpie leak through onto the edges of each page so they have a watercolor effect border.

DSC_0380 copyDSC_0381 copy DSC_0384 copy DSC_0385 copy

On the inside of the book I started by drawing out one of my favorite quotes and sticking it down with washi tapes, I had to buy some more this morning because I was starting to run out. For a minute I sat down and thought about the possibility I was using them too often but then I realized you can never have too much washi tape on a project, so I dismissed the thought and continued.

I need to find a way to un-crease the page as it seems to have been crumpled up for a long time and looks a bit messy. It would also be really fun to add some color to the quote when I get the time but it is okay for now.

DSC_0378 copy DSC_0379 copy DSC_0371 copy

Once I had done this I moved onto filling in the actual pages with instructions on. Taking inspiration from the aforementioned blog post I decided to try and make each page look equally pretty – even if it meant disobeying the page instructions! Over on ourscintilla Emma washi taped out a heart and wrote ‘no’ over it (on the page you are instructed to leave blank) so drawing inspiration from this I twisted it and did my own version. Overall I was really pleased with this page, I think it looks fab, the brown pieces of paper are actually recycled bits of peeled off backing from the material washi I used – so I felt like an eco warrior too. Ok… not quite, but every little bit helps right?

DSC_0372 copy

After doing this I flipped the book to a random page and ended up on the instructions spread so  decided to give it a new lease of life by coloring in the lettering with my new Sharpies and adding some bits of border that I found buried in my sticker box. This turned out better than I’d hoped and added a bit of depth to an otherwise pretty boring page.

DSC_0376 copy DSC_0377 copy

As usual I left my favorite till last. Ages ago I spent a couple of weekends just flipping through the book following what it told me to do, and had traced around my hand on one of the pages; as told but, when I was sat staring at it I suddenly realized how dull and generic it was so I rummaged around and dug out my acrylic paints. Then I got artistic. I started with splodges of different colors but ended up doing circles to fill the hand in as freely as possible.

DSC_0386 copy

This definitely turned out just as I’d hoped and I now love flicking to the page just to take a look at it. There are also a few more pages in progress within the journal so if you would like to see them once they are done do leave a comment below 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out ourscintilla before you go! I’ll see you tomorrow.

Sophie x




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