Productivity Pact | Day 27 | Card Making Kits

I end up buying cards so often that it started to seem like a waste of money, it’s also hard to get a card that is really tailored to the recipient if it is just a generic store bought one so a couple of years ago I joined the rest of the family and started making my own.

Today I decided I would attempt to use one of the ready prepared kits you can buy. Usually I just let my creativity flow and craft freely but as this kit was reduced in the shop I picked it up on a whim that I might be able to create something good.

The kit comes with several different backing papers and an assortment of die-cuts, so all you really have to do is decided how you want to place them. For beginners I feel like this is a good way to get an eye for how different shades and patterns compliment each other. Rather than experimenting completely I decided to recreate one of the cards depicted on the front of the packaging – just to see if it would look as good as theirs.

First I popped out the die-cuts I would be using and arranged them on the front of an A4 piece of card stock that I folded and cut into a square. It took a bit of shuffling and layering but eventually I got it looking how I wanted.

DSC_0363 copy

I then stuck this all down using double sided tape and pritt stick before snipping off the excess ย hanging over the edges. Next I added the smaller details such as the buttons.

DSC_0364 copy

Once I had done this I chose the greeting and stuck down a larger die-cut behind it using padded foam squares – this are great for a variety of crafts and are a must have. Overall I was really pleased with how the card came out; it isn’t unique like the cards I usually make as obviously it can’t be when I’ve followed the kit but next time I need a last minute card and don’t have much time, but still want a home made touch I think I will grab one of these kits off the shelf. If you prefer you could add your own ย embellishments to make it a bit more ‘you’. Things like small bits of ribbon or washi tape are perfect for a subtle twist.

DSC_0365 copyDSC_0367 copy

For making lots of cards in a batch this would be perfect, I still love making my own completely from scratch though!



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