Productivity Pact | Day 26 | Rock Painting

Rock painting is perfect for one of those afternoon where the weather is just not on your side and staring at screens is making your head hurt. You can either buy rocks at a garden store or you can just collect some either from the front garden or on the beach etc. Then all you need is some paint.

Cover your work surface with something to avoid staining, I chose to use acrylic paints for my rocks but it’s up to you, other types of paint work just fine or you could switch out the paint for sharpies if you want more control. Then simply hand out paint brushes/pens and get to work.

DSC_0342 copy DSC_0343 copy

To make it easier to get the design you want you could cut out templates from cardboard, some good shapes to go for are easy things like stars or fish which can then be painted over with a sponge. If you would prefer something that will last longer than a stencil you can buy a cheap pack of kitchen sponges then carve out your desired shape in them using a craft knife.

To add something extra to your paintings you could try adding glitter, stickers and stamps. How about painting on someones initials and decorating around it? The possibilities are endless and children will love just being able to use their imaginations, you could even see if you can find interestingly shaped rocks and turn them into something. Experiment with how you paint the rocks, dip them in, submerge them, use watercolors, spread nail varnish – just have fun with it.

At the end find a jar to display your masterpieces in!

DSC_0345 copy



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