Productivity Pact | Day 25 |My Top Car Essentials

We are halfway through the productivity pact – phew! I am so excited and yet so tired at the same time. Today is all about car essentials, from the stuff you need everyday to the things you must not forget to pack for the annual family road trip…

Of course first and foremost the car essentials are everyday things such as tissues, I find it’s handy to keep a box on the dashboard (which you can hold down with small Velcro strips and double sided sellotape) and also some smaller packets dotted around. One in the main console is always handy for when you are getting out the car and forgot to put a packet in your bag or if you have limited console space take an old coffee cup, make a slit in the top and fill with tissues – this can then be kept in the cup holder and be passed around easily when needed.

DSC_0338 copy

A bin is also an item that is often overlooked but should be somewhere. Don’t you get fed up of opening the door only to find the side-pocket is full of crumbs and leftover crisp packets? You can buy inexpensive material car bins that hook around the back of the seat in-front or you can fashion your own using a plastic cereal container and a bin bag. Even an old plastic shopping bag hooked over the headrest is better than nothing.

DSC_0339 copy

You know those mini desk hoovers you can get? You need one. They are perfect for cleaning up the dash board after someone scattered biscuit crumbs all over it. Again. If you can fit it in one of the handheld vacuums is even better, they take up quite a bit of space but are perfect for quickly hoovering the entire car without needing a plug. Simply charge it beforehand and go! To save from having to hoover the seats at all you could purchase some car seat covers, which can simply be taken off and thrown in the washing machine after a long trip.

DSC_0340 copy

My favorite car essential has to be over the seat organizers. You can get ones specifically for the car such as the one below or you can just get an over the door one and attach it, honestly these were the best purchase I have made in a long time. Recently I went on a rather long road trip and having the spare storage that these provided made life a lot easier – I managed to fit in my kindle, phone, mp4, headphones, magazines, drinks and more. All within arms reach, everything was easy to access and I knew exactly where to find things – no more leaning across people or having to unzip my rucksack and empty the contents out onto the person next to me when I wanted something. Obviously you may not want to go for Peppa Pig unless you have small children but at £2 you can’t really go wrong with one of these!

DSC_0335 copy DSC_0332 copy

To utilize your space even more you can purchase some cheap command hooks and fasten them in the boot or high up on doors to provide areas where you can hang up bags after school or work or even for the shopping. No more foot prints where people have clambered over bags to get out. Carabiners also make great organizers, they can be hung from the handles already in your car.

If you hoard cds like my family do you might want to consider getting  cd organizers that hang over the vanity mirrors in the front of the car. They are easily accessible whilst moving and it means you can call out the names of cds until everyone is happy as the titles can be seen. Pro tip; if your cds often get lost or broken consider ripping the tracks and burning them onto a blank cd – then label it with permanent marker and keep the original at home and the spare in the car.

DSC_0336 copy

Another great way to keep every nook and cranny in you car perfectly organized is to make yourself some compartmentalizing boxes for the main console, for this all you need to do is get some old cereal boxes and cut them in half. Then cover with scrapbook or wrapping paper and tape. You will have to play around with different sized and shaped boxes to see what fits but after a bit of maneuvering you should have a console with separate compartments for all those miscellaneous items that seem to appear from thin air.

Cotton swab boxes are perfect for storing cords in, simply wrap them up using some twist ties and place them inside; then label the outside so you can easily grab your charger on the go. For convenience invest in car chargers for all you most commonly used electricals so you never miss a phone call again.

Wherever you are going make sure you have a first aid kit handy, this could be in a bag, a box or even a plastic bottle for plasters just make sure you have the basics because someone is bound to need it. Anyway isn’t it always better to be safe than sorry?

Road trips do you love or hate them? x


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