Productivity Pact | Day 24 | Wooden Letter Decoupage

If you’re stuck for a gift look no further than this DIY wooden letter decoupage, it’s a great way to give someone a really personal gift that they can display. I chose just to do the first letter of my giftees name but you could do their initials or even their whole name!

I started with just a blank wooden N. The first thing to do is pick the scrapbook papers you would like to cover it with – I went for some blues that I thought would stand out well and compliment each other.

DSC_0318 copy Β DSC_0322 copyDSC_0320 copy

Then I flipped over both pieces of scrapbook paper and traced around the N on the blank side. Once I had done this it was time to cut them out, it’s a lot easier if you leave yourself some room by cutting out slightly larger than the letter you just traced.

DSC_0321 copyDSC_0324 copy

Next glue this down using a foam brush and some PVA, make sure there are no pools of glue building up underneath. Leave it to dry completely.

DSC_0325 copy

Once it is dry trim the excess using your scissors and a craft knife. If it is not completely dry the edges will tear so be careful!

DSC_0328 copy

Repeat the above steps for the other side; then add the finishing touches. This may include: glitter, stickers, die cuts, ribbon and more. I chose to put stickers on the front and blue ribbon along the sides to give it some dimension.

DSC_0329 copy DSC_0327 copy

Prepare to have a very happy giftee!



4 thoughts on “Productivity Pact | Day 24 | Wooden Letter Decoupage

  1. em says:

    hey, I found your blog today and I love it☺️Your posts are so thorough and clearly thought out and I could happily read them for hours without being boredπŸ“œ Just wanted to ask, where did you purchase the wooden letter ‘n’ from? THANKYOU! X


    • Sophie says:

      Hi, thank you so much for visiting my blog – I’m glad you seem to enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them! The wooden letter was from a local shop called giftbox but you can get them on amazon just type in ‘wooden letters’ πŸ™‚


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