Productivity Pact | Day 22 | Washi Tape Jar

DSC_0134 copy

Washi tape. It’s everywhere, on tumblr, pinterest and blogs on every platform there is. Why? Because it is so versatile you can use it to give a new lease of life to almost anything! Today I decided to find a prettier way to store my scissors.

All you need is a plain jar to decorate and a selection of your favorite washi tapes. Optional extras include ribbon and beads.

Clean your jar and peel off any labels, if there is any sticky residue left use a scourer and some water to remove it. Then simply start at the bottom of the jar wrapping a circle of one of the washi tapes round it. Continue alternating washi tapes until you get to the top where you can tie a length of ribbon in a bow to finish it all. Fill the inside of the jar with beads so that whatever you choose to put inside stands up – this could be pens, pencils, scissors, makeup brushes or anything else you like! I didn’t have enough beads so I padded out the bottom with purple tissue paper 🙂

DSC_0132 copy

DSC_0130 copy


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