Productivity Pact | Day 20 | Repacking

It’s 8am and unfortunately the last day of my holiday, boo. I was woken up this morning by the snoring of my sibling in the room adjacent to mine and nearly had a heart attack when I realized that today was the day I was going to have to conquer the monumental mess I had made. I was so tired I forgot to take any before pictures of the apartment but just imagine the messiest room you can think of and times it by ten.

Now this task was not one that I solely could undertake. Oh no. This was much bigger than just me, so at 7:30 this morning the troops we rounded – i.e my siblings, my parents and I all eventually managed to drag ourselves out of bed. None of us had the enthusiasm exactly needed for packing but hey – it had to be done. Of course repacking would not just be a case of running around like lunatics and throwing items into suitcases; that is not how we do things around here. To be out by 10am we would need to assign battle stations.

  • A)One person would be on laundry duty.
  • B)One on tolietry duty.
  • C)One on kitchen duty.
  • D)AΒ general checker for any missed items
  • E) Then someone stood by the bags.

The night before we are due to leave everyone is required to roughly gather up their pile of clothes and leave it in a communal area such as the lounge, so by the end of the night there should be five piles ready to go. Any small personal bags such as day rucksacks should also be left next to the piles. Then the next morning everyone gets up and pulls out the outfit they would like for the day before we get started on packing.

DSC_0312 copy

Once the packing is underway it goes like this, five suitcases are laid out in front of their respective piles of clothes in the lounge and the war commences. The laundry bag is assigned an area and person A heads off to hunt for any dirty clothes that are strewn on chairs, tables and the floor. If they are unsure they should assume the clothing is dirty and place it in the bag. Whilst this is happening person B must check all the bathrooms and gather any shower-gels, shampoos, toothbrushes etc. that have been discarded by the sink or in the shower. Person C is given a variety of large, reusable shopping bags to organize the contents of the kitchen – as this is a large task once either person A or B is finished they will come and help with this. Dry foods such as cereals are placed in a bag, then there is one for tins and a small cool bag for any foods that need to be chilled. As much as possible we try to avoid having any leftover food – especially produce that needs to be kept in the fridge but inevitably there are always a few items.

DSC_0310 copy

Person D hunts for any general articles such as plugged in chargers, electricals, books etc. that have found their way into the crevices of the house, these are collected and then handed to person E who must pack them in the correct bags along with the piles of clothes which should already be folded and ready to juts be placed in. If there is anything anyone would really like to pack themselves it must be done the night before. With five people all helping at once rather than just looking out for their own things it makes the job much faster and we are much less likely to leave anything behind. Win – win!

DSC_0311 copy

At the end of repacking usually buy breakfast from the local bakery or have left out a box of cereal so we can all sit down and eat; once we have finished eating we do a final sweep of the apartment and then we are ready to go.

DSC_0313 copy

Repacking is not one of my favorite activities but it has to be done, also it is now Friday and on Sunday I am back off on holiday somewhere else, so this is not the last time I will be packing and repacking this month!

What is your favorite method of packing/repacking – do you have a system in place or do you just throw it all in? Leave a comment below!


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