Productivity Pact | Day 16 | Mason Jar Salad

I love mason jars and I love healthy foods that still taste good, so this lunch seemed like a no-brainer. The versatility of it was also a huge bonus and it’s something you can quickly throw together before work or school. All you need is a jar, some salad and a dressing of your choice. For mine I use a traditional glass jar but I know others prefer to use plastic ones to avoid the possibility of breakages, it’s up to you.

The first thing you want to do is add four teaspoons of dressing at the bottom. You may need more if it’s not a very strong one, but four teaspoons of my lemon and mustard seed dressing is plenty.

DSC_0208 copy

Then I add a layer of tomatoes as they won’t absorb the dressing. Make sure they are packed in tightly, then follow with some sugar snap peas ( I snap mine in half so I can pack them more tightly) and some carrot that’s been peeled and sliced.

DSC_0212 copyDSC_0213 copy

On top of this I add carbs of some sort; usually pasta or couscous. This helps keep my energy levels topped up during the day. I follow this with a couple of spoonfuls of tinned sweetcorn, then top the whole thing up with mixed salad leaves and screw the lid on nice and tightly so it all stays fresh. Don’t forget to attach a fork with a rubber band so you have something to eat it with!

DSC_0214 copyDSC_0217 copy

Then once it’s lunchtime and you are ready to dig in simply give the jar a vigorous shakes so that all the layers mix nicely together and enjoy!



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