Productivity Pact | Day 15 | DIY Pizza Party

For Day 15 I gathered my family and we all sat down at the dining room table for some bonding time – over pizza. On the table we put out bowls full of various toppings along with some tomato puree and, of course, the pizza bases. (Ready made so we could get straight into it but you could always make your own).

This is such a simple way to bring everyone together and have some fun through food; our choice of toppings included lots of cheese, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, pepperoni and mixed herbs. You could mix it up even more though and go for some olives/ chicken/ onions/ pineapple – the combinations are endless!

There was a lot of laughing when evaluating everyone’s ‘style’ for adding toppings, you had the minimalists, the ‘pile it all on and hope for the best-ists’ and the designers who had the pattern all figured out.

DSC_0176 copy

We started by adding a little bit of pasata mixed with a little bit of tomato puree and spread it with a spoon until there was a thin layer on the base, then added cheese followed by whatever toppings we wanted. Some definitely came out looking better than others but I was told it was ‘freedom of expression through pizza’ – if you wanted to have a more competitive element to it you could add in a lighthearted competition to see whos came out looking, or tasting the best.

DSC_0183 copyDSC_0180 copyDSC_0181 copyDSC_0191 copy

Once completed you can either all eat your own pizzas or slice them up and hand out slices so that everyone gets a bit of each. If this is too difficult with the individual bases everyone could each work on a section of one big one.

DSC_0175 copy

The entire activity went really well – and yes that is a twenty year old making pizza with a green towel wrapped round her head, we call it ‘family life’.  If you wanted to add more of a party element to it you could put on some music in the background, add some party hats and cut out small pizza shapes from card or paper to spread out on the table.

If you really wanted to push the boat out you  could try making chocolate pizzas. All you have to do is melt a big bar of chocolate and spread it out into a flat circle shape on a piece of grease proof paper, then leave it to set again. Once set put out an assortment of sweet treats to add to the top. Things such as small jelly sweets, melted chocolate buttons (for the sauce), sprinkles and smarties are great toppings. If doing this with children you may need to monitor how much of this is consumed though as it can get very sickly very quickly – a small slice each will probably suffice. To add to the effect purchase or make some small pizza boxes to put everyone’s slices in – this is great if you have guests who want to take their piece home.

Get together and have some fun! x



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