Productivity Pact | Day 12 | Packing Checklist

As I am leaving to go on holiday today I thought I would share my packing tips and checklist with you all, I have to say packing isn’t my favorite thing to do as I’m always worried I have left something behind but hopefully this year that won’t happen.

The first thing you have to do when packing is make sure you pick a suitably sized suitcase, you don’t want one that doesn’t fit in the car or; even worse, doesn’t comply with airport restrictions if you are flying! Personally I Β never have to worry about the latter as 99% of the time when we go on holiday we travel by car.

Now you need to consider your destination and the sort of clothing you will require, there is no point taking a tank top if you are going skiing! Also be realistic about the amount you can fit in because it is really difficult to put things back when you overestimate how much room you had; just don’t put in any non-essentials in to start with and then if you still have room you can build up from there.

When I pack I make sure I lay everything out on my rug so I can see exactly what I’ve got – I also jot it all down in a notebook so I can have someone else go through it and see if they think I am missing anything.

DSC_0101 copy

This was what my rug looked like once I had got out everything I wanted to pack.

  • Leggings (x2)
  • Jeans
  • Denim shorts (x2)
  • Shorts (x2)
  • T-shirts (x6)
  • Playsuit
  • Skirts (x3)
  • Beach dresses (x2)
  • Cover ups (x3)
  • Jacket
  • Cardigans (x2)
  • Dress shirts (x3)
  • Hoodies (x2)
  • Throw
  • Swimming costumes (x3)
  • Swim shorts
  • Flip flops
  • Pumps
  • Trainers
  • Pjs
  • Sufficient underwear

This list was revised a few times but I manged to get what I needed and what I wanted in the end. If you are worried about forgetting something you can download the comprehensive packing list I made. (The template was from excel but I moved it to word for easier access).

Packing list Download

After I had packed my clothes I moved on to make-up and sun cream. One of the most annoying things that can happen when going on holiday is creams leaking in your bag, to avoid this happening and ruining my products I secured each item in a plastic sandwich bag with an elastic band around it before putting it in my make-up bag.

DSC_0104 copy

DSC_0105 copy

After I had done my make-up I did the same with my toiletries, before turning my focus to the only real essentials of my trip – all the electricals! There are so many wires in my room right now I’ve already fallen over twice, it’s worth the sacrifice though if all my electricals are fully charged for my trip. To go with them I also grabbed a waterproof pouch that I can hang round my neck when on the boat, no more worrying about if they are getting splashed!

The last thing I suggest when packing is to add a lavender bag or something else that smells nice so that when you arrive your clothes smell good. x

DSC_0067 copy




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