Productivity Pact | Day 11 | Glue Gun Art

That’s right I’m jumping on the bandwagon, all I’ve been seeing lately on pinterest is glue gun art on bottles. I decided I didn’t really have any use for a bottle (as my mum is allergic to flowers so we can’t use it as a vase). Instead I decided to use one of my mini canvases that seem to have been lying around for ages.

All you will need for this DIY is a canvas, two colors of acrylic paint, a pencil and a hot glue gun. DSC_0075 copy

First take your canvas and sketch out with the pencil the word or pattern you want. Cursive looks great on these – just make sure you get it as central as possible and don’t press too hard with the pencil. Whilst doing this plug your glue gun in to heat.

DSC_0076 copy

Once you are happy with how your word looks and where it is placed take your glue gun and trace over the letters with it. This is a lot easier if you do it in one fluid motion and don’t take the glue gun off the canvas, as you will end up having to cut those stringy bits of glue off whilst still holding the gun. In order to make mine more 3D I went over the writing several times.

DSC_0078 copy DSC_0079 copy

Let the glue dry and then come back with your base colour of paint. I chose pink. Paint over the whole canvas including the letters, then once this has dried go in with your second color (I chose white) and paint over just the letters again. Layering the base and then the secondary paint on the letters helped make sure they were opaque.

Now just leave your creation to dry – it’s that simple and you can try with any words or patterns you like!

DSC_0096 copy

Come back tomorrow for Day 12!




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