Productivity Pact | Day 9 | Clothes Purge

It’s Day 9 which means we are officially up to date! Earlier I was sat on my bed wondering what on earth I could do that would be productive for today, I was stumped and couldn’t think of anything that needed doing. Defeated I decided I would get dressed and then come back to it so I sauntered over to my wardrobe and attempted to rifle through the mountain of clothes that seems to expand by fifty percent each year. ‘Wow this really needs sorting through’ I thought. ‘This really needs sorting through‘ and that my friends is how the clothes purge came about.

As with all my projects it started off looking like a daunting task but once I was in the swing of things I actually started to enjoy it, especially when I would come across a t-shirt or dress that hasn’t seen the light of day in years but I really love.

To make sure the process was as efficient as possible I made sure I had a keep pile, a throw pile, a donate pile and a give pile. Throw = bin, donate = charity shop and give = family/friends. Clothes only went in the the throw pile if they really were beyond salvaging, i.e they had too many holes in or a huge stain on them.

My wardrobe started off looking a mess. The first area I decided to sort out were all my clothes hanging up. Bearing in mind that one side of my wardrobe doesn’t even open this was an interesting task, all clothes on the left hand side are Summer pieces and the right is for Winter – obviously this swaps according to the season.

DSC_0060 copy

Basically I pulled pieces out one by one and took a good look at it before asking myself three questions.

1) When was the last time I wore this?

2) Does it still fit/is it damaged?

3) Do I really need it?

Clearly a bit of common sense is needed and some pieces will have more value than others. The worst clothes are those that you really loved at one point but no longer wear yet you can’t face getting rid of them. If you feel you might have some clothes that are too sentimental have a friend or family member help you decide what to keep and what not to. One or two items of clothing that meant a lot to you at one point are okay to keep but with everything else you must be ruthless. Of course the first things you need to make sure go in the keep pile are any work/school clothes, the last thing you want is to drop the bag off at the charity shop and then realize you threw your work blouse in their by mistake!

Once I’d finished with the clothes on hangers I already had three strong piles.

DSC_0065 copy DSC_0063 copy DSC_0064 copy

Next it was the t-shirts. Now this probably sounds like an easy category for some but I am a huge t-shirt hoarder so this was my least favorite area. This bit was made harder by the fact I clearly don’t take enough care when I put things away as nothing was folded or stacked neatly. Oops.

DSC_0061 copy

In order to even see what was hiding up on the shelf I had to literally just grab handfuls and throw it all on the floor. It turns out I have a lot more t-shirts than I thought; especially when I added the ones out my drawers.

DSC_0066 copy

No-one actually needs that many shirts, when people ask I use the excuse that I have to wear something different each day to college but lets face it I actually just wear the same three outfits over and over again. Usually consisting of a pair of black jeans and one out of the three favorite t-shirts I have, in the Winter this is the same apart from I usually throw a hoodie on top.

Begrudgingly I got started and found that I actually had to try most of them on as they hadn’t surfaced in a long time. There were a few that I had really loved in the past but had to let go of as they weren’t designed to be crop tops! On the bright side I tried a few on that I used to think looked terrible on me but now I have grown a bit they look a lot better. Yay! After what seemed like hours of sorting through the jumble I had my piles ready.

DSC_0073 copyDSC_0074 copy

The picture above is just the charity shop pile – that’s a lot of clothes that have been gathering dust when someone else could have been loving them! Just look at the whole bin bag full I ended up with. Alas I was not yet finished I now had to neatly put away the keep pile, this involved a lot of folding and making sure the things that had been buried before were now right at the top/front so they could get some wear.

DSC_0070 copy DSC_0071 copy DSC_0068 copy DSC_0069 copy

I had two empty drawers so I dedicated one to functional clothes, this consisted of uniforms/sports outfits and performance costumes. The other drawer I decided to dedicate to t-shirts so they are always within easy reach. I also rearranged the order of the clothes in my wardrobe so I could see the clothes I know I will want when I go on holiday in a few days.

The last thing I did was add some lavender scented bags to keep my clothes smelling fresh, they are easy to tuck in a drawer or hang in the wardrobe and only cost me £3 for four. They are really cute!

DSC_0067 copy

After todays purge I feel so refreshed and cleansed, also my wardrobes much cleaner and easier to look at without flinching – not to mention the fact everything is a million times easier to get to now.

Stop putting it off, you will feel so much better if you just get rid of the things you don’t need!


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