Productivity Pact | Day 8 | Nautical Decor

I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to post yesterday – I was at the festival till midnight so when I got back it was too late to post. To make up for the lost day I will post yesterdays and todays today.

Anyway Day 8 consisted of decorating my bathroom in a nautical theme as the old wallpaper was starting to peel off and the room looked like nobody had cared for it in years. The first step was to decide what I wanted in terms of decor and I decided that nothing was more nautical than blue stripes so I went out and picked up one tin of white paint and one specially mixed tin of blue.

Now on our wall there was an ugly plastic medical cabinet which had changed colour due to too much light exposure. It was horrific and had to go, so I emptied all the medical supplies into a box and pulled that thing straight off the wall. I was not sorry to see it go. We also chose to remove the mirror that was on the wall so we could replace it with a gold one to match our colour scheme (blue, white and gold).

DSC_0006 copy

Step two was stripping the old wallpaper and paint; which took a lot longer than I am willing to admit. With just one scraper and two willing participants it felt like the longest task I had ever undertaken, we managed though. After a few hours of just scraping we found that going in with sugar soap and a sponge also helped a lot when trying to get rid of those pesky flakes.

scraping copy

Once we had managed to scrape all the paint off we filled in all the holes in the wall with filler – there were a lot of them which meant it was a while till we could finally paint the first coat of white. I have to say wearing old clothes is a must when painting walls – I think my sister and I got more paint on ourselves than where we needed it! A small roller was used to do as much of the wall as possible then we filled in the gaps using a small paint brush; remember to tape over or cover any areas you don’t want to get paint on.

Paint first coat copy

Next we got out the Β painters tape and measured the wall; we knew that the top and bottom stripes would have to be slightly bigger because of the size of the wall but we had already factored this in so it was fine. Once we were happy with the size we wanted our stripes we taped them out and got painting with the blue. We found our roller fit perfectly.

Stripes close up copy

To reach the top we needed a step ladder which ended in me getting a lot of paint on my face but overall I would say it was a success. I will wait until the whole room is finished to do a reveal but for now you can at least see the kind of progress we are making.

Slow and steady wins the race right?


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