Productivity Pact | Day 7 | Festival Life

Day 7 is here, which means I have had an entire week of productivity!

To round off the week I headed off to a local music festival with some family and friends. It’s somewhat famous in the local area as the one to go to for fresh talent and a good time. As with any festival your attire is the one thing people will recognize you for so I went for a comfortable and flowy legging t-shirt with (you guessed it!) leggings and my brown ankle boots. I prefer boots over wellies as I find them easier to walk in.

DSC_0005 copy

For a small festival it was a lot of fun. On arrival I was given a weekend pass wristband and a program full of various stages and times for bands. Throughout the day I got to soak up an array of different types of music and even found time to just relax in the sun. My parents being who they are we were provided with a packed lunch to keep us away from any temptingly overpriced food vans and I have to say I rather enjoyed my squashed cheese sandwich and piece of cake; I felt much happier knowing I had prepared my own food that wasn’t covered in grease.

DSC_0012 copy

Most of the acts were really friendly and seemed to enjoy interacting with the audience as much as they did performing, I honestly think the best thing about festivals is the sense of friendship and community within the people. Also it’s a place of free expression where people weren’t afraid to show who they really are and embrace their own personal styles – something you really don’t see everyday.

DSC_0017 copy

Once the darkness had settled in for the night the atmosphere really rose, maybe it was the intoxication emerging or maybe it was the freedom of the stars but as everyone was jumping as one body I felt alive – more so than ever before. Small string lights twinkled above the pathways, old and young joined together to dance and sing. Everyday working people were given the chance to be someone; it really was magical.

DSC_0021 copy

Tonight’s piece of advice is if you get the opportunity to go somewhere on an adventure take it. Please take it – even if like me you are often scared of new situations and the unknown I promise at the end you will realize it was worth it and you will probably learn something about yourself through it all.

As I shall be back at the festival tomorrow I am unsure what the days productivity post will be but I will think of something for you!

DSC_0026 copy





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