Productivity Pact | Day 6 | DIY Craft Drawers

If you read yesterdays productivity pact post you will know that I mentioned the fact my craft drawers had definitely seen better days and had some vandalism on them. I ended by saying that I would like to decorate the drawers and make them look a bit less dull so that’s exactly what I did today.

My drawers started off with some childrens scribbles on the front – in pen. As these could not be removed I knew I was going to have to completely cover the front.

DSC_0001 copy DSC_0002 copy

Luckily I had some scrapbook paper lying around so I grabbed two rolls of it and picked my favorite.

DSC_0003 copy

Next I got my first drawer and went about unscrewing the handle, to do this I stood the draw up, found the screw on the inside and unscrewed it.

DSC_0004 copy DSC_0005 copy DSC_0006 copy DSC_0007 copy

Once I’d removed it I could get to work with the scrapbook paper so I placed it over the draw and used a craft knife to cut out the size I needed, making sure to leave enough paper to fold over the edges.

DSC_0008 copy

Once I had the correct size I went in with some pva and a foam brush; I found it was important not to add too much glue as it made the paper go see through. As soon as I had stuck down the paper I pushed the handle screw through gently and then put it back on.

DSC_0009 copy DSC_0010 copy

Then to smooth down the paper I took a ruler and gently pressed down whilst dragging it across. To glue down the edges I used a normal glue stick, then trimmed the excess with a craft knife.

DSC_0013 copy DSC_0017 copy

For bits that were still sticking out and when folding the corners I used clear sellotape.

DSC_0014 copy

I did this to both drawers and then simply left them to dry. Ta da!

DSC_0024 copy DSC_0025 copyDSC_0023 copy

All it takes is some paper and glue to give a new lease of life to a previously dull and purely functional item. I love going to get things out of them now!

Come back tomorrow for Day 7 🙂





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