Productivity Pact | Day 5 | Craft Storage + Organization

I was stuck for what I could do that would be productive for Day 5 but then I figured sorting out my craft storage would be really helpful so I went ahead and pulled out the mess from my wardrobe. Eek. This was going to be a bigger job than I had first imagined – there were just piles and piles of craft supplies everywhere, falling on the floor and rolling to various different corners of the room. I’m actually very lucky as I got given most of my art supplies brand new by someone who had been taking art at school and no longer needed any of the materials so I have a lot.

My very first task was to decide what I was going to store my mess in. Immediately Mason Jars sprung to mind, under my desk there was a pile of them just waiting to be used so I grabbed them and put them aside while I worked out what I was going put in them. There was still a load of larger materials that couldn’t be put in jars though so I had a wander round the house to see what we had that was lying around as I am not willing to spend up to hundreds of pounds on storage solutions when I can probably recreate something myself.

After a couple of hours of looking I was about to give up when I saw my sister trudging out to the car with an old chest of drawers that was completely broken and about to go to the tip; now what I would have loved to do here was take the whole chest of drawers and fix it up but it was far beyond repair and was too big for my wardrobe anyway which meant I had to work out how to utilize something from it and quickly. Just as she was getting ready to leave I stopped her and asked if I could take somethings from the chest, she said it was fine so I grabbed two of the drawers from it and let her get on her way.

Your probably looking at the screen in confusion. Two drawers, that’s it you just took two empty drawers? Yes. As much as I would like to have, I don’t have a room specifically for crafting so the desk in my bedroom doubles up and the bottom of the wardrobe is the only storage I have. Some quick thinking and I figured if I took some drawers I could slot them side by side in the bottom of the wardrobe and then slide them out as and when needed. It works a treat!

DSC_0001 copy

In the picture it probably still looks like a mess but I guarantee you it is a million times better than what I had going on before. Lets break it down. I have two drawers. Drawer 1 (left) and drawer 2 (right). Within drawer 2 there are also two small boxes. Box A and box B.

Lets start by going through drawer 1, this is where I keep my essentials. This includes sketch books, artist magazines (you can see many of them I haven’t had time to read yet), scrap paper, canvases, main set of acrylic paints and three different sets of watercolor pencils.

DSC_0012 copy DSC_0013 copyDSC_0010 copy DSC_0009 copy



Whenever I’m starting a new project I head straight to this drawer and collect my base materials. Now moving onto drawer two. This is where I keep extras that I might not necessarily need for all projects but do use a lot. This can be things such as sand paper, felt, spare acrylic paints, black paper folder, oil pastels and then interchangeable items for example currently living in the drawer until I start my projects with them are a bag of clothes pins, a calendar and a plain white sheet. I guess this makes it a sort of halfway house for project materials I haven’t started to need yet.

DSC_0007 copy DSC_0006 copy

Within drawer two are boxes A and B these house smaller items or items that might need to be removed and taken to different rooms regularly. Box A currently holds my white spray paint and primer, glass paints, netting, ribbon and my trinket bag.

DSC_0003 copyDSC_0005 copy

Box B contains all my different sets of pencils this includes metallics, water colors, normal colors and sets of HB. Also in their is my fabric glue, a tester pot of white furniture paint and a black permanent marker. As you can see below to keep my pencils separate I simply used different colored rubber bands, meaning I can grab the set I need and continue working efficiently.

DSC_0002 copy DSC_0014 copy

Along with my drawers I decided to keep items I need to access from my work space frequently in the mason jars I had; I chose obvious items i.e a jar with a lid for easy to access acrylics, a jar for all the different grades of pencils, one jar for paint brushes and a small jar for erasers. After all I’m an artist I make mistakes. ( Also apologies that you can’t really see into the jar holding the acrylics, as I put them in a plastic bag to avoid any accidental spillages ruining it)

DSC_0042 copy DSC_0041 copy DSC_0043 copy DSC_0040 copy

That’s it for the storage of my main craft supplies, it’s not complicated or anything but it suits my needs and that’s what organization is all about. Hopefully at some point in the near future I will decorate the drawers to make them look a bit less dull!

Remember that your storage solutions have to be flexible in order to be able to change with you, get sorting and I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 6 x


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