Productivity Pact | Day 4 | Mummies and Dinosaurs

Todays productive activity actually involved leaving the house – shock horror. I prefer not leaving the house as much as possible but a few friends of mine managed to convince me to leave my cocoon of contentedness and venture out into the city with them. So I did.

Our first stop was a park out in the sticks, we chose this one as opposed to our local as it is a lot bigger and has a lot more to do. There was an outdoor gym that we attempted to use, lets just say we are slightly out of shape and I was too short to reach some of the equipment so a lot of jumping and grabbing on took place! Then we wandered into the woodland area and managed to get some really high quality photos for our portfolios, it’s amazing that just changing the angle of the camera can give a photo new depth that you never imagined before. Plus the photo opportunities in woodland areas are endless. I’m so glad I agreed to go!

String butterfly

We also actually ended up having a great time at our local museum even though it took us over two hours to walk there! It was really fun to take photos and generally just absorb new information. As you walked in there was a huge replica of a dinosaur skeleton along with lots of interesting fossils. Despite having been lots of times before it was fun pretending to be a tourist in my own town and rediscovering things in new ways. Sometimes all you need is a new perspective.

Coral blog ready

Another thing I found out is that everything is better with friends, especially if you are not one of those people that likes to adventure on their own. Round up a few of your closest friends or maybe some you haven’t seen in a while and create your own adventure; honestly you will be surprised what you discover with a camera and the hidden parts of your city so just go for it.


Go and make some memories and I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 5 x


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