Productivity Pact | Day 3 | DIY Mason Jar Tealight Holder

DAY 3 – YAY!

Only 47 more days to go guys… I am already shattered. Today I learnt that things don’t always go the way you want them to especially when the British weather is involved. Yep that’s right this was the first time you’ve heard me moan about being British on this blog but I assure you it won’t be the last. Curse the rain.

Anyway onto the actual DIY. Plan A (um the only plan I had at the beginning of all of this) was to do the super cute mason jar decoration where you tie some twine round a the jar then spray paint it and peel the twine off. How difficult can that be? Very apparently.

First problem. I could not find any twine for the life of me even though I was sure we had some. I thought ‘Never mind this tiny piece of string will do’.

Second problem. The tiny piece of string was not long enough to wrap round a decent amount of times. What a surprise. ‘Oh well’ I thought ‘I’ll just use tape’ Problem solved.

So I get to spray painting outside after convincing my brother to take some photos (to be fair it was his birthday so it was kind of him). We get two rather zoomed out photos but an even coverage of the white spray paint at least, knowing it was fine I went inside. I kid you not all but two minutes later there was a torrential down pour. Clear sky – torrential downpour = seconds in the UK. Oops. I’m not quick enough and the jar gets soaking wet; we have no gloves to hand meaning I have to pick it up using the plastic sheet on the table. Big mistake. The sheet sticks to the jar and pulls patches of sticky white paint off when I attempt to remove it. Ugh disaster. Look how good it was before the rain.

Spray paint

At this point I am defeated; just to get to this step has taken me half a day. After a few minutes of feeling like I want to cry I decide to at least see if I can salvage the project so I grab a clean kitchen sponge and begin to scrub the jar under running water. Yay – the paint seems to be coming off although I am inhaling an unhealthy amount of fumes but hey all in the name of productivity. Once my jar is clean I devise a new plan.

Tape around my jar still but instead of spray painting it I will just use normal paint and a foam brush; without further ado here is the tutorial for what I ended up doing.

You will need:

  • A mason jar
  • Sticky tape
  • White paint
  • Foam brush
  • Tea light candle

1) Grab you jar and the tape and randomly create a pattern


2) Simply coat with your paint of choice. It doesn’t quite look like a masterpiece yet but it will all be fine in the end… hopefully. I’m kidding it looks great at the end.


4) Peel off your tape while the paint is still wet, this way you avoid pulling chunks of the paint off. Being me I forgot about this and had to patch up the chunks that were missing later but hey it still looks fine and you guys get to learn from my mistakes πŸ™‚

5) Voila you have a cute little tea light holder – okay so mine definitely could have been neater but after spending an entire day on one tiny jar I was slightly frustrated and just wanted to finish.

Candle side


Candle above

At least I’m learning something everyday from this productivity pact! See you tomorrow x


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