Productivity Pact | Day 2 | Nature Walk

Okay so day two may sound like it was a less productive day to some of you because a nature walk doesn’t sound that brilliant but honestly as a city child it is not often I leave the house to find nature.

I spent the morning playing American football with my brother and then slumped over the laptop so when my mother suggested going for a walk into the fields a sigh of relief escaped. It was the perfect way to get up and out that wasn’t just your usual visit to the shops, so a couple of minutes later I was stood at the door with my camera ready to go!


Now I have to point out here that I am not always the biggest fan of ‘nature walks’ but to be honest this one was a bit more of an adventure (isn’t everything with a camera?). We ended up looking for a public footpath in the middle of a field where there wasn’t one; of course at the time we were too busy enjoying the fresh air to notice so continued walking until we ended up in front of a very big ditch. Needless to say we were not going to attempt to cross the bog like obstruction so we turned back and decided it must be the next field along we needed.

So we walked down the side of the next field only to end up a bit further along the ditch, at this point my legs were starting to itch severely from the various plants I had encountered which meant I was not as enthusiastic as I had been when we started. Whereas my mother kept a smile on her face the whole time (no doubt she will tell me it’s because in her youth they didn’t have tvs for entertainment…) we trudged back and I was about ready to pack it in and go home when we spotted some butterflies.


Not being a very outdoorsy person I genuinely thought they were beautiful – much more so than any image on a screen can be. They were everywhere and although extremely difficult to get a photo of I was so pleased. With our (okay my) spirits renewed we decided to extend the walk and head a few minutes down the road to a duck pond.


As soon as we got there I knew it had been a good decision. There is something so calming about just looking out over a body of water and taking in the fresh air. It helps you to forget the unimportant things in life and focus on the here and now, the ducks were swimming so gracefully too.


Beauty really is all around us, you just have to look for it sometimes. Now I have a task for you; wherever you are today find a piece of nature big or small and just enjoy it. Breathe in the fresh air and remember that life is good.


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