Cabin Fever

It’s the Summer – that’s meant to be a good thing right? For me it’s not really turning out that way, don’t get me wrong the sunshine streaming through my window currently is gorgeous and I am eternally grateful that I have no deadlines to adhere to for a few weeks but honestly I’m bored to death. And I think it’s probably the same for quite a few others at the moment.

There is simply nothing to do, especially when you live on a cul-de-sac as far away from the main town as you can get. Pretty much.

Although my mother would like to paint it in such a way this is far from pure bone idleness – I have tried to find things to do. My craft and art supplies have been tidied, three new youtube videos have been filmed, I have taught myself basic guitar songs and then I’ve landed on the laptop staring longingly at the holiday snaps of every other child I know who is currently lying on the beach in Spain or somewhere else equally hot. I am not jealous, I am lucky enough to have had my fair share of beach holidays in this lifetime and indeed I am going on holiday later on in August but it’s just passing the time now that is getting to me.

After hours and hours of scrolling pinterest, watching youtube and scouring tumblr I have found thousands of DIYs I would love to try only to be told they are:

1) Too expensive

2) Impractical

3) Unrealistic

So once again I am sat here on the laptop with five different social medias open asking myself when I will find a productive use of my time.

Hold on though I’m not going to end this post on a low. Oh no. As today marks 50 days until I go back to college I have decided I am going to have 50 productive days. That’s right 50. Every single day I am going to do at least one productive activity whether it be a small scale DIY, baking, cleaning, craft. Whatever. I will do something that’s worth my time and then I will share it with you guys to keep me on track!

No more wasting time. Lets get going…


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