Renovation Stage 1

The front page of my home decor scrapbook!

The front page of my home decor scrapbook!

So this afternoon my brother and I got cracking on planning the whole house renovation – a daunting task to say the least! We sat down with a blank notebook and got started. As with any project the first thing to do is break it into smaller chunks, for us this meant drawing sketches of the whole house and deciding which rooms needed immediate attention. After much deliberation we decided the living room needed tackling first as it is the heart of our house, this doesn’t mean we are going to jump straight in and start tearing the place down – renovating is not something you can do overnight it takes months of planning and then actually doing.(Not to say it can’t be done as quickly and efficiently as possible! As you will no doubt find out my patience is shorter than I sometimes need it to be).

One thing I decided to do that I found really helpful was creating a Pinterest board to share with the rest of the house ocupees, it’s a great way to collate everyone’s ideas and discover their individual tastes so we can tailor our home to suit everyone. Of course some of you will prefer the good old pen and paper way of sorting through your ideas which is why I have also decided to scrapbook my entire renovation journey and hopefully this means I can easily share my latest ideas with you through my blog.

As I am now at home for the next 11 weeks I will be the driving force behind the project. Look out for the first couple of pictures of this bomb site blitz!

Sophie x


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