🌋 I Made A Gingerbread Pompeii! 🌋

Originally the plan was to make some tiny cute gingerbread houses using a kit I was gifted at Christmas. Things didn’t quite go to plan!

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I started off with the kit below. Actually mixing the ingredients and baking them was absolutely fine (you may have seen it taking place over on my Instagram story). It was slightly tedious cutting out the individual shapes for walls but not too bad. At this point I had high hopes for my tiny gingerbread goodies…

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I let my gingerbread cool and then got out the icing bag and began to pipe around the edges of each piece, like instructed before sticking the pieces together and holding them in place to dry. The first house just would not hold, so I thought I might be applying too much pressure, I let go slightly but it still wouldn’t stay. Next I tried propping it up, then I tried employing helpers to each hold a piece. Nothing worked so I tried making my own icing, thinking that might be the issue. I made several different variations, changing  up the consistency each time to try to pinpoint to problem – but none would hold the pieces.

In the end I decided the problem was that I hadn’t cut out the gingerbread with enough precision, I was ready to give up. When suddenly my mother came up with a brilliant idea.

We briefly talked it through and then I grabbed an old wooden chopping board and made some runny icing. Using spatulas we covered the board in the runny icing, smoothing it over to create an even coat, this would become the ash covering the ground of Pompeii.

Next we took the failed gingerbread houses and began gently pressing them into the icing – if pieces of rooves fell off in the process they were simply propped up elsewhere or leant against the side to show the destruction that had taken place. I constructed a makeshift church which I decided had suffered damage, namely, the roof had caved in – so I propped some gingerbread pieces inside. Basically we covered the whole board in piles of gingerbread and propped up structures we’d attempted to create, then we dusted the whole masterpiece in icing sugar and stepped back. In less than an hour we’d turned a disaster into a historical work of art!

Image may contain: foodImage may contain: foodImage may contain: dessert and foodImage may contain: dessert and foodImage may contain: dessert and foodImage may contain: food

I hastily snapped some photos, in my awful kitchen lighting, before everyone jumped in and grabbed a piece! It was certainly messy but it tasted good!

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🍓 Fare Healthy 🍓

On Sunday Daisy and I went to Fare Healthy in London, it was actually our first trip to London together and we had a great day!

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I decided to share some photos and thoughts from the day because it was a real eye-opener for me. If you don’t know what Fare Healthy is, it’s basically a fare where lots and lots of healthy food brands, cafes and business come together to share samples, masterclasses, talks and discounts on their products. There were also book signings and exercise classes!

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Let me start by saying that I am definitely not the healthiest person in the world. In fact if I’m going to be brutally honest I am pretty overweight, so I was sceptical at first when Daisy asked me to go to Fare Healthy with her. Although I want to get healthier and learn how to prepare foods that are good for me, rather than just grabbing the closest snack, I was worried that I would stick out at the fare because of my weight. That was not the case at all. I felt very welcome when we got there and everyone was lovely, of course lots of people were clearly very health conscious, knew a lot more than I did, and came in their workout clothes so they could take the exercise classes –  but it didn’t matter, the atmosphere was great.

We started the day by heading to the 30 Degrees South stall so that Daisy could get her coffee in a cone. This seemed like a very bizarre and slightly unnecessary combination to me but everyone else clearly disagreed as there was already a large queue for them when we got there. Daisy had some slight difficulty drinking from the cone and I’m pretty sure most of the bottom of it landed on my leg, whilst I was sitting next to her, but she’s adamant that it was a great concept and good coffee – so it gets a thumbs up from me too. We did question how healthy it was as there was chocolate in the cone, but even if it wasn’t 100% good for you, everything else was, so balance was restored throughout the day.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, indoor

The decorations hanging from the ceiling were incredible! I just had to photograph the paper lanterns and jar lights!

Image may contain: people playing sportNo automatic alt text available.

We wandered round for a bit to see what all the stalls had to offer – there were a lot of them! Then we headed to the Waterstones pop-up to purchase our copies of Deliciously Ella’s new book, Daisy is a huge fan of hers. I’ve never seen her as starstruck as when we stopped to talk to Ella at her Mae Deli stall!

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Once we’d grasped the layout of the venue we ventured over to the workshop area to make our own face-masks. I chose to put coffee, spirulina and maca in mine – which I then named the Java Rejuvinator. Daisy opted for a more elegantly named Meadow Greens combination, which she put green clay, rose seed powder and chlorella in. Despite inhaling most of the powder, I really enjoyed the workshop, because I’ve never made my own face mask before, and it was so easy! All you had to do was put in a tablespoon of the base powder and then a teaspoon of each high performance powder, at the end we got to close the little plastic pots and put them in our bags ready to take them home and use.

Image may contain: food

Once we’d finished with the face masks we wandered round some more, admiring the displays of all the stalls. Some were really elaborate and bold, whilst others were understated and elegant.

Image may contain: plant, flower, tree and outdoorImage may contain: 1 person

When lunchtime rolled around we purchased a salad box each, (I 100% recommend the mae deli’s sweet potato salad!) then we decided to buy pudding. The great thing about being at a healthy food fare was that there were plenty of mouthwatering desserts that contained none of the bad stuff you would usually be eating! Honestly everything looked so good and knowing that I could pick anything without worrying about the sugar and fat content was a God send. We narrowed our search down to two stalls, Pip&Nut selling pancakes and Pearl&Groove selling slices of cake… we deliberated for a while, before deciding that the choice was too difficult and we would buy one pancake and one slice of cake, then halve them both! I can safely say it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. The pancake was all natural whilst the cake was sugar, gluten and dairy free, so no guilt!!

Image may contain: dessert and foodImage may contain: food

After lunch we did another workshop taster class, this time it was decorating healthy cakes and biscuits, which was really fun! I’ll admit I don’t have the best piping bag skills but I didn’t do anything a good old edible flower couldn’t hide!

Image may contain: flower and foodImage may contain: food

When we’d finished decorating we packed them up and ran over the the Deliciously Ella book signing. Ella was even kind enough to take a photo with each of us! I cannot wait to try the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie recipe in her new book, and now every time I open it I’ll get to see her message to me!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, glassesImage may contain: 2 people, people smiling

More and more people were arriving, and the place was starting to get pretty hectic by this point!

Image may contain: 3 people, crowd and indoor

One of my favourite areas of the fare was the flower wall, where there was space to leave your own inspirational message for everyone to see. Daisy and I both left one 🙂

Image may contain: people standing, flower, plant and outdoor

Just before we left we stopped at Elspeth’s Kitchen’s stall and discovered some amazing looking raw desserts. Daisy bought some to share with her family and I was very tempted to get some myself but after all the samples I had tried throughout the day I decided against it. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to order something from her soon!

Image may contain: dessert and foodImage may contain: foodImage may contain: dessert and food

We sampled various products throughout the day but some that really stood out for their originality and delicious flavours were, the Nakd lemon drizzle bars and some baked vegetable chips by Emily Crisps.

Image may contain: food

Although I don’t drink tea I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of these cute little teapots.

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After a long and not so hard day of eating food and chatting we begrudgingly left to get the tube back to St Pancras to come home! One thing I noticed is that the buildings in London are ridiculously tall compared to the skyscrapers in my city, they dwarfed Daisy and I as we walked along.

No automatic alt text available.Image may contain: sky

I don’t now how, but at St Pancras, Daisy managed to convince me to go into MAC. (Actually I do think I know how, the Costa beforehand was a brilliant bribe)

Image may contain: drinkNo automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.

Overall I the day was a great success, I’m hoping Daisy and I can go to London more often, and definitely attend Fare Healthy next year!

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👓 Note-Taking Tips 👓

Sometimes learning can feel like an up-hill struggle, especially in college. Everyday is a vigorous routine and at the end of it you want to be secure in the knowledge that the information you gathered and the notes you took were of a high enough standard, enabling you to revise with ease later on.

Here’s how to take notes effectively for peace of mind!

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Try a range of techniques

You’ve been taking notes since primary school, but how well have you actually been doing it? Everybody is receptive to information in different ways so I suggest going back to basics and exploring all the different ways of note-taking there are.

Start with mind-maps, bullet points and doodles and try to take notice of which is the most effective for you. Good things to consider when working this out are – how enjoyable it was (there’s no point doing bullet points if you hate reading and writing lists), how much time it took (no matter what some Studyblrs want you to believe, it is impossible to draw a Monet masterpiece to represent each piece of information) and how much information you retained at the end (i.e can you remember what you just wrote on that mind-map or were you distracted by the pretty colours and artsy arrows).

Keep in mind that you might end up with several note-taking techniques which work well for you, in which case you are lucky and can combine them, or mix and match throughout the year!

If nothing is working try thinking outside the box, for example if your an English Literature student you could:

  • Create an infographic for each character in the novel
  • Write a blog post analysing a chapter or event
  • Make yourself a quotation quiz, either online or on cue cards
  • Record a song detailing key events and play it back

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Make Them Aesthetically Pleasing

Whichever method works best for you, make sure you set it out neatly. If you find mind-maps are helpful but you often make them in a rush and the words are smudging into each other, or the points that are related are miles apart, they are soon going to start being more problematic than useful. So try and keep your page clean and tidy, you’ll thank yourself for it later down the line when you don’t have to waste time deciphering your own rushed writing. Add colour to things as long as it’s not distracting, colour coding important information is a good idea, whereas highlighting everything in dark purple is not.

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor

Invest In Good Quality Materials

If all you have is a biro running out of ink and some scrunched up paper, taking notes immediately becomes much more difficult. Being prepared is imperative in all aspects of life but especially for note-taking, usually you only have a small amount of time to get down all the information you need so avoid wasting any of it whispering the person next to you to see if they have a spare pencil.

It’s also helpful to find out the type of pens you like the most. Although it sounds strange some pens really are just more comfortable to grip and thus, easier to write with than others and it’s really noticeable – once you’ve found a brand of pens you like note-taking will begin to seem like less of a chore. The same logic applies if you type your notes – find the app that is easiest and quickest to use with all the features you need, you’ll never have to spend time figuring out how to move the text on the page, without disrupting the images, again.

Image may contain: screen

Filter Key Information

Not everything your teacher says is something you need to remember.  Which seems like an obvious statement. In reality it is a skill to be able to filter through information and pick out the key parts for your notes, it will take practice and attentiveness. If there’s one thing you need to take away from this, it’s that, as tempting as leaving one headphone in and listening with the other out, is. Don’t do it. Any and all music is distracting when listening to someone else talk, even if it doesn’t feel like it is.

Image may contain: sunglasses and glasses

Keep Your Notes Organised

Start your notes with the date, title and class name so that when looking back over them you know exactly which material it is. If writing on loose bits of paper, also invest in a ring binder for storage and some hole punch reinforcements, because there is nothing worse than losing a vital piece of paper that tore and slipped out somewhere.

Image may contain: screen

Do you have any other good note-taking tips? Leave them in the comments!

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👩‍🏫 How To Meet A Last Minute Deadline 🏫👨

We’ve all been there – you’re just getting on with your everyday tasks and then suddenly it dawns on you. The deadline for that really important piece of work is only two days away and you completely forgot to start it. I’ve certainly been gripped with that fear a number of times, but I’ve come up with a plan of action so that next time I inevitably have to cram for a deadline I can get it all done!

Image may contain: text

First things, first – stop whatever it is you’re currently doing, because the chances are it is less important and can wait till after the deadline. Find whatever materials you need to complete your task and gather them together – this might be pens, paper, the laptop or art supplies. Once you’ve collected everything you need, it’s time for step two.

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Write down exactly what you need to do. Step by step. It’s really important you do this so that you don’t miss anything out in the rush to get everything done.There’s no need to make it a fancy list so skip any doodles or cute washi tape you would usually add – this is just about having a basic outline of what needs to be done. If you have already started the project make sure you flip through and cross off any completed sections so that you’re not stressing about work you’ve already done.

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Step three. Clear your schedule. How much of your schedule you need to clear depends on how long you have till the deadline but if it’s less than a week, and you’ve got a lot to do, I would suggest clearing as much time as possible – it’s better to have too much than not enough. You might have to sit down and work out what you can logically cancel, as some things will be easier to get out of than others – like the meeting with your boss. Don’t attempt to cancel that, but that day you were going to grab a coffee with your best friend – apologise and re-schedule for another week. Re-arranging or cancelling social activities is the easiest way to free up time, it’s not ideal to miss them but as long as you aren’t leaving deadlines till the last minute regularly you should be fine to miss them for one week.

Image may contain: people sitting and table

Let people know you are busy. I don’t mean you have to ring your Auntie or let your coffee barista know, but anybody that might accidentally disturb you is a must. This includes your housemates and anyone you live with or anybody that might ring you in the middle of the day for a chat. Usually the easiest way to let people know without getting caught up in a long conversation is via social media, try posting a Facebook status that says something like ‘I’m going to be really busy for the next couple of days as I’ve got some important work due, please only contact me if it’s an emergency!‘. If Facebook isn’t your thing you could send an email round, or a mass text message. Just make sure you let people know to minimise disturbances!

Image may contain: one or more people, hat and outdoor

Five – clear your work space. Time is obviously tight, so don’t bother with a full spring clean, but make enough room so that you can comfortably complete your work. If that means simply picking up the folders lying on your desk and discarding them in the bottom of the wardrobe for a few days, so be it. You can always organise your space properly when you don’t have a deadline getting ever closer.

Image may contain: people sitting, laptop and indoor

Finally, turn off any devices you don’t need and get started. If the task as a whole doesn’t seem manageable, refer to the list you made earlier, and choose smaller, more achievable chunks. Before you know it the smaller chunks of work will turn into one big piece. Perseverance is the most important thing, right now you might feel like all you want to do is give up and take a nap but in the long run the work can only be beneficial to your education.

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Most importantly get it done.

Share your best tips for getting last minute work done in the comments below!

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🚲 Postcrossing Incoming & Outgoing January 2017 🚲

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In December’s round-up I only had outgoing cards to share with you all, but since then a sudden influx of postcards have made their way through my letterbox! I’m assuming Christmas held up most of them, but it doesn’t really matter because they’ve arrived now, here’s what came:

Image may contain: food

A happy Christmas postcard arrived from Nastya in Russia after a few weeks of travelling. She let me know that she’s new to Postcrossing and that she loves the Christmas season – two things I feel I can relate to well! She chose a postcard with some sweet illustrations which I really appreciated, lets hope her Postcrossing journey is a success 🙂

Image may contain: one or more people and basketball court

This unusual card came from Marjon in Holland, she told me all about her favourite book and asked me what mine was, which fit well with the postcards overall theme! I really like that she decided to ask me a question because it gave me something other than just thank you to write in the message box when I registered the id.

No automatic alt text available.

Sveta from Moscow sent this cool card depicting traditional food and drink for the Russian New Year celebrations. There were also a total of three smiley faces, after various sentences, on the back of the postcard which was nice, this must have been one of the last postcards Sveta sent in 2016 as it was dated the 31st!

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Continuing with the New Year theme, I received this glittery postcard from a Japanese sender who left no name. She listed all twelve of the symbolic animals that Japan have for the years and wished me happiness for the year of the rooster which was very kind. I’m loving the minimalist design and on-trend gold lettering – I really need to start investing in better special occasions postcards!

Image may contain: tree, outdoor, nature and water

I love the photographs on this postcard but I’m afraid I have some issues with it, I don’t think I’ve ever felt disappointed when I received a postcard, up until now. Previously I have written a blog post about my Postcrossing Peeves but that was mainly small things that got on my nerves about the overall service – this is an issue I have with the senders motives.

You can skip this postcards write up if you would prefer to just read some quick information about each one, because this could get lengthy.

First of all, the message on the back was typed, which is fine – I have nothing against people typing their messages and sticking then sticking them down to avoid issues with legibility or translation, but this was different. The message was clearly a generic one with my name and id hastily added, and more than anything it appeared to be a sales pitch / self promotion tactic to get me to visit her website. (Which I probably would have done had the message felt like it had actually taken some time and been personalised to me!) There was some brief, generic information about the sender and even a tagline saying ‘Happy Postcrossing & Postcard-United’ – proving she doesn’t even bother sending separate messages for each service. It felt business like, everything about the postcard screamed ‘I’m here to make money, not to have fun’. The postcard came in an envelope which I soon worked out was because there was a letter accompanying it, at first I was excited – I’d never been sent a whole letter to compliment a postcard! Soon, though, I realised what the reality was. The letter was simply another business tactic. It detailed a list of places, in various different countries, that the sender wanted photographs of. At first I assumed she just wanted to collect them which seemed like an interesting hobby but, again, as I read on more became clear. She wanted people to email her images of these specific historical and cultural sites so that she could then print them onto postcards that she would sell for her own profit.

The entire situation seemed like exploitation and an abuse of the Postcrossing system to me, but maybe people don’t mind photographing places for other peoples businesses (and personal gain). I don’t know.

I hope I don’t receive too many postcards like this in the future as it seems to take all the fun out of the project.

Image may contain: ocean and water

On a brighter note, beautiful sunsets always make me feel peaceful – especially when they are over water so I was delighted to find this postcard from Caroline in Borneo, in my letterbox. There wasn’t much writing on the back but there was a nice collection of stickers and ink stamps with slogans like ‘Peace on earth‘ which helped brighten my day!

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor

Deborah from Canada sent me this image of a sweet little girl doing some writing, overall I think Deborah’s postcards was the best that came all month. She hand wrote a lovely message on the back where she told me about the weather, her job and her family as well as her hobbies and some questions about what I write. It felt really personal and she even finished it off by wishing me good luck with my writing and leaving a small smiley face in the bottom corner, I was certainly smiling by the time I’d finished reading it!

Image may contain: outdoor

This postcard from a sender known only as The Flying Rat travelled the least distance out of all of this months as it came from Hereford, which is also here in the UK and, in fact, is where some of my relatives live. It was comforting to get a quintessentially British postcard for a change because even though I enjoy learning about other cultures, sometimes nothing beats familiarity. The photograph was accompanied by a very clever short poem and a thought provoking quote about the open minded children versus the close minded adults.

Image may contain: house and outdoor

From Texas, Sam sent me these incredible looking Victorian homes – they make my house look rather small! She told me about what she’s studying at college and that she also loves the show Pretty Little Liars , which made me laugh, I’m glad the one thing that can bring people from different countries and cultures together, is slightly ridiculous and over-dramatic teen television!

No automatic alt text available.

Daniel and Joe from South of Boston sent me this factual postcard about sleds, which is very fitting for Winter. It’s rare that I receive a card from anyone close to my age so it was nice to know both the boys were also teenagers! Another great thing about this particular postcard were the stamps that came with it, take a look:

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I’ve only actually sent out three postcards this January but managed to have so many incoming because of the batch I sent out at the end of December. Before I can send anymore I need to go shopping and stock up because I only have one left!

No automatic alt text available.

 The pink postcard on the left headed off to Kristina in Japan, I told her about my favourite book and film, I wish I could write more on my postcards but my handwriting is too big. I’m working on neatening it and making it smaller as the year progresses!

Wilma in the Netherlands received the Cornish cottages postcard, I wrote about the song I was listening to at the time and how relaxing my day had been due to only having one lesson! At the bottom I told her I hoped 2017 was being good to her as well.

Finally Herrn in Germany got the my last Machu Picchu postcard, I was sad to see it go but I hopefully it will be well received wherever it ends up! Herrn’s profile didn’t have any information about what to write so my message was simply about how I wan’t to be happy in life and I believe that as long as I’m happy everything will be okay. Then I put ‘I hope you’re happy and if not I hope you find a way to be’ which I thought was a nice way to end my last outgoing card for January.

Describe the best or worst postcard you’ve ever received in the comments below!

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📖 10 Bible Quotes You Need To Know! 📖

Image may contain: text

For this weeks faith post I have searched far and wide for the best and most inspirational bible quotes that I think everyone should know. If you have any others feel free to leave them in the comments for everyone to see! Here are mine:

Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, text and outdoor

(Via Forever Loving Jesus)

Image may contain: sky, text, nature and outdoor

(Via His Word Typographic Verses)

Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and text

(Via Why Don’t You Love Me Cutie)

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and text

(Via Homespun With Love)

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(Via God Daily)

Image may contain: text

(Via Thorn And Sparrow)

Image may contain: people sitting, plant and outdoor

(Via Bible Hub)

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(Via Manifest Blueprint)

Image may contain: text

(Via She Reads Truth)

Image may contain: text

(Via Christiana Lois)

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🌿 A Little Faith Everyday 🌿

In the rush of everyday life it’s easy to forget about the importance of sharing your faith with others, so here are some ways to incorporate a little faith everyday!

Image may contain: flower and text

Commit yourself to doing one act of kindness that is completely selfless each day, whether it be for a stranger or someone you love. Something small or something big, it doesn’t matter – just make a point of taking the time to do it, and remember that faith is about loving and accepting one another no matter what.

Image may contain: one or more people, hat and close-up

Download faith apps on your phone such as Echo – which helps you remember when and what you want to pray for! Hopefully every time you unlock your phone and see the apps you will be reminded to think and act on your faith.

Image may contain: one or more people

Bake some faith into your day! We all enjoy different things and if baking happens to be something you love why not incorporate some faith into it by putting a new twist on an old recipe. You could do anything from baking shortbread to give to the neighbours, to  trying out these bible verse fortune cookies or piping biblical designs on cupcakes.

Image may contain: food

An easy way to add some faith time in every now and then is to buy some worship music, or save it to a Spotify playlist, and listen to it when you’re commuting or working from home. Take some time to really listen to the lyrics or melody and immerse yourself in the feeling of serenity.

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor

Leave your bible open on your desk and flick to a page each morning, then pick a passage to read and highlight one line that either resonates with you or you want to look up. Add some annotations in the margin, if you don’t mind writing in it, or in a notebook nearby if you prefer – and then at the end of each week take a little time to go back through the notes and look up any questions you had, or just enjoy reading your favourite quotes again.

Image may contain: one or more people

Consider joining a project such as Postcrossing or Bookcrossing to spread some more love in the world, you don’t necessarily have to leave a religious quote with your book or on your postcard if you don’t think the recipient would appreciate it, although it would be awesome if you did! Maybe try writing something short about love or kindness and then underneath explain your faith and why it’s important to you. If you want to read more about Postcrossing and see what it’s all about you can take a look at this post for an overview, or one of these posts to see the kind of things people send: 1, 2, 3!

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

Research bible study or worship groups in your area and join one, they usually only meet once a week or fortnight for an hour or two so you can probably find one to squeeze in and they don’t all just involve reading the bible. There are lots of group that meet for a meal or to do a craft of some sort where they also have a light discussion about faith. Hearing other peoples stories and ideas can be really helpful and enlightening.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Do you have any ideas for how to incorporate faith into your day? Leave them in the comments below!

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✨ Stylish Study Spaces ✨

Image may contain: people sitting, text and indoor

There’s always more work to do – so why not recreate one of these stylish and cute study spaces? Add your own creative touches and you’ll never want to leave your desk again!

I was always taught that studying in bed was a bad idea, but who could resist when it looks like this?

Image may contain: bedroom and indoor

(Via TaraMilkTea)

Notice the cute vintage touch the typewriter adds!

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor

(Via karolinazhouseloves)

Tear your favourite images out of magazines and newspapers, or print some of your best photos off for a personal touch.

Image may contain: screen

(Via jasonckelly)

I love this minimalist approach!

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

(Via curatedisplay)

Place some of your favourite books on your desk for a more homely feel!

No automatic alt text available.

(Via  bethcath)

This is a great example of using your unique space effectively.

Image may contain: bedroom and indoor

(Via Avocadontyou)

If bright spaces aren’t your thing you could always try something like this, I especially like the touch of gold on the canvas!

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor

(Via coffeeandmoorland)

Plants are a great way to keep a room fresh.

Image may contain: plant, table and indoor

(Via atomncloud)

Create an inspiration or mood board wall with images and fairy lights.

Image may contain: indoor

(Via Junastudies)

Invest in a bin that matches your study theme so that your space can stay clean!

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor

(Via ronastudies)

Take a photo of your study space and tag me in it on Instagram or Tumblr so I can see!

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💒 The Beauty Of Faith In Literature 💒

Image may contain: one or more people, ocean, outdoor, water and text

I think reading about faith is one of the best things you can do – and it doesn’t just have to be straight from a Holy Book!

Faith can be explored in many different ways but sometimes people seem to forget this and feel like the only way they can connect with their faith is by praying or going to Church. In reality there are so many fictitious pieces of writing that do a brilliant job of helping you take an introspective look at your faith and what it means to you. It’s also beautiful that there are so many people out there willing to share there personal feelings and connections with faith for us all to learn from and admire.

Up until recently, I have to say, that I wasn’t really aware about the vast amount of books available but once I found them I discovered that they are reasonably light reading and convey strong faith messages that are incredibly powerful. Some messages are more ambiguous than others – but they can all be extremely useful when applied correctly.

We all know books are great as you can read them just about anywhere, especially with eBooks, all you need is a spare five minutes to get in a couple of pages. Like any activity through which you learn about or express your faith, reading won’t be for everyone, but it’s definitely something you should give a try before you dismiss. If you don’t have the funds to buy new books visit your local library and see what they have on offer. To find what’s right for you do a quick internet search first and read book reviews, you’ll be surprised how many are out there.

Recently I was inducted into the beauty of faith in literature through a book I was lent called ‘The Shack’. Although I was wary about what how it might differ from my idea of Christianity at first, I actually found it to be extremely interesting. It’s a book about a Father whose Daughter goes missing and… long story short; he somehow ends up in a shack with the Holy Trinity. Having never read a book that dealt with faith in any real way before this was hugely eye-opening for me and I ended up really enjoying it, although it took me a while to get into it. I think the most important thing is to go into reading about faith with an open mind, authors may well have different interpretations and beliefs to you but it can help you ground your own beliefs in the long run.

Now I’ve tried reading a book with a faith message in it I am eager to discover more as there is always room for my faith to grow, I’d be really interested to hear about any books you’ve read that might be of interest so please leave suggestions in the comments!

If reading really isn’t for you, there are also some well executed films about strengthening your faith and connection with God but I highly recommend trying to substitute the screen for a good paperback for a while, as I feel it allows for a longer period of reflection and self examination. The most important thing is that you are always growing and learning as there is no such thing when it comes to ‘knowing it all’ about faith.

This is the second post in my faith series, if you want to see last weeks introduction it’s here!


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🎓 How To Achieve Highly In College 🎓

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Sometimes achieving the grades you want can seem like an impossible task, but here are some tips to help keep you on track!

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Learn to push through the stages when you lack motivation.

Everything is easier when you have motivation on your side but there will be some days when you wake up and can’t stand the thought of rolling out of bed and going to class. Do it anyway. Get up, wash your face, have a glass of water and get out the house because even though it’s difficult you’ll only regret staying in bed later down the line when you realise you’ve missed something really important. If you’re really stuck try reading some motivational quotes or this post about renewing motivation. If you’ve ever ventured into the world of study blogs you’ll know that it seems like the bloggers are motivated 24/7 to be the best they can be, but I promise they have periods where they lack motivation too. It’s just about learning to work anyway.

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Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

I’m awful at doing this but asking your tutors and peers questions is an easy and effective way of upping your grade ten percent. Searching the internet is great but sometimes it takes somebody else physically explaining something for it to make sense. Nine times out of ten it’s a good time to ask a question – whether it’s putting your hand up in class, finding your tutor during breaks or organising time to get together with your classmates and ask each other. If you still don’t understand let somebody know, don’t feel like because you’ve asked once you’ve run out of chances to go back over the same thing. Even if your tutor or peers can’t answer your query they might be able to point you in the direction of some useful resources.

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Start off with rough drafts of work.

We have to make mistakes in order to improve so although it takes more time, try and always do several drafts of your work. This doesn’t apply so much to subjects such as Maths but any class where you are writing extend pieces of text are where this starts to become useful. If your class tutor is free to mark your rough drafts and hand them back to you – even better! Don’t worry if they’re busy though you can always ask a friend or family member to read through for you, the needn’t necessarily know about the subject as just asking them to check for spelling mistakes and clarity of phrasing can help boost your grade. Stop settling for the ‘rushed in ten minutes on the bus’ version and start allowing yourself the time to read and re-read, then amend your work so that it’s always of the highest standard.

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Revise all year round.

I’m not suggesting you dedicate your whole life to revision, just that you do small bits of recapping here and there until it becomes natural habit, you’ll avoid the last minute cram the night before the exam and you’ll be the most prepared student there! At the end of each day, or week, take a look over the work you have completed – if anything is unfinished get it done, take the time to file things away correctly, make a quick mind-map or some cue cards and then read them on the bus or before you go to bed. Stick up posters in your room or on the fridge, just five minutes a day of looking at your work can help keep your memory fresh. It’s okay to give yourself a break from recapping, if you don’t have time for it then you don’t have time for it but if you can spare a few minutes it will save you some of the revision hassle later!

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Surround yourself with hard-working people.

You’ll find it difficult to achieve highly if your friends are constantly pressuring you to skip class or leave the homework to head to the pub. Finding the right balance between studying and relaxing is key, but part of that balance is having the right group of friends. Being around motivated people rubs off on you, just like how being around unmotivated people does. Let your friends know when you’re going to be unavailable because there’s a big assignment due, and then when it’s over that you’re free to spend time with them. If your friends refuse to accept that you want to work hard and achieve, maybe you need to reconsider whether their influence on your life is a positive one. It’s awesome to have friends you can hang out with and be lazy with as long as they can also help motivate you when necessary.

If you have anymore tips for achieving highly let me know in the comments below!

Looking to beat the back to school blues? Try this post

 Or if you’ve got a heavy work load and you’re unsure how to handle it this post might be helpful.


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⛪️ My Faith Journey ⛪️

I am a Christian. Just writing it down brings a smile to my face, but it hasn’t been easy getting here. Finding God took me a while, but it happened, and now I want to share my journey with you. I have lots of stories to tell about the particular path that led me to where I am in my faith today, so each Wednesday I’m going to share one with you. Today lets start with an overview.

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When I was younger my Nan would take my siblings and I to church each Sunday and whilst she sat through the services we would attend Sunday school, for me this is where my journey into faith began for the first time. I was so young that I didn’t really have a solid understanding of what being a Christian meant, but I attended a Christian school during the week, and I knew that it was a term that was often used when we said Grace before lunch, and when we sang the Lords prayer in assembly. Although I was unaware of it at the time, these seemingly unimportant, everyday activities, would have a huge impact on my life as I grew up and I’m incredibly grateful for them now.

Neither of my parents are particularly religious so gradually as we got older my siblings and I stopped attending church, instead we would go to sports practice on a Sunday morning. We all also moved to different schools as things in our lives changed and they were no longer Christian establishments. Then as I got even older I stopped going to the sports practices too, and my Sundays became spare time. I did enjoy those Sunday morning lie-ins but then about a year ago Daisy approached me, saying she would like to go to church to see what it was like.

In case you aren’t a regular reader of this blog I’ll fill you in on some details about Daisy – she’s my oldest friend, having known each other practically our whole lives. Our houses are across the street from each other and before we were even born out parents were friends. We’ve been through and done everything together at some point; we’ve laughed, cried and fought (a lot), we’ve been on holiday together, built forts, filmed youtube videos, climbed trees, had many, many birthday parties and eaten plenty of pizza.

But before that day I’m not sure we’d ever really discussed faith or religion together.

It didn’t matter that we hadn’t discussed it before though because that day we started the conversation, and since then, it’s never really ended. I agreed to go to church with her, so one Sunday we attended the service at my old church – there’s a feeling of safety and peace during services that I’ve never been able to replicate anywhere else. I suppose it’s because it’s when you’re closest with God and closest with others who are close to him too.

Although I can’t speak for her, I assume Daisy must have felt something, or discovered something, whilst we were there too, because we’ve been attending weekly ever since. The day Daisy spoke to me was the day my journey into faith began for a second time, I’d say it continued on from where I’d left off – but it didn’t, because this time I was older, more receptive and truly ready to find God.

There are lots of people I have to thank for introducing me to all that my faith has to offer, the most obvious are; Daisy, my Nan and the teachers from Sunday school and my original school. Also though as people began to recognise that Daisy and I were showing up every week we began to become part of the churches congregational community, it was actually pretty easy for us to talk to people because my Nan goes with us and has been attending the same church for a long time, so she already knows everyone and could introduce us. One of Daisy’s other friends and her mother also sometimes appear at services so before we even began we had people we could direct any questions towards. But, even if we hadn’t had those connections when we started, I don’t think it would have mattered, because there’s such a welcoming atmosphere at our church and I hope that’s the same everywhere, I’ve heard it is. God brings us together and that’s very powerful – it bonds us and creates a tether of love between us.

Faith now has a huge impact on both of our daily lives, we don’t just go to church on Sunday mornings anymore, we also became involved in a youth group called ‘Highlight’ on a Friday night – where we spend two hours reading Bible passages, playing games and praying. It’s run to by two lovely youth workers and it’s really interesting to explore our faith in this way because it’s so different to the weekly services, in fact – it’s one of the things that helped show me that those Sunday mornings aren’t the only time to learn about faith, every second of everyday is an opportunity to learn more. Sometimes those learning curves are steep and at other times they are tiny steps forward but each one has an impact whether it comes from listening to someone else’s views, watching a program, reading or just realising that you want to start living your life differently so that others can see your faith in your words, in your actions and in your heart.

Last year we were both Baptised and Confirmed, cementing our ever-growing love for our faith. I’m realising each day how blessed I am and how much I have to be grateful for, now I want to share those blessings and my gratitude with all of you.

If you would like to see some photographs of our Baptism it’s this post!

Daisy and I made fortune cookies with Bible verses in them, I wrote about it here!


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📖 Beating The Back To School Blues 📖

Winter break is over and the daily routine of student life is back in full swing, but I’m still finding myself struggling to get out of bed in the mornings. Here’s how I help myself adjust to going back to college after a few weeks off.

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After time off it can be really difficult trying to force yourself out of bed in the mornings – you get used to being able to set your own schedule and being able to take breaks when you feel like it. But now outside factors are dictating what time you need to get up and leave and when you can take breaks, it’s hard. Unfortunately there’s no trial period where you can show up later for the first few weeks or take a break in the middle of class, instead you get thrown straight in at the deep end and have to re-adjust in the blink of an eye. Here are a few things you can do to help ease the transition from holiday season to term time.

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First of all make sure you begin preparing to get back into routine a few days before the start of term, this includes doing things such as stocking up on school supplies and gradually returning to a normal sleep schedule. The last thing you want is to be going to sleep at two am and then realising you have to get up at eight am the next day – it just isn’t practical and falling asleep in your first class of the term really isn’t a great start. If you usually have a morning alarm begin setting it again two-three days early so that it’s not a horrible shock on the first day back. Check in advance what lessons you’ve got on the first day and pack your bag as early as possible, it will help relieve some of that back to school stress, and is vital if you’re starting back in the middle of a week – as you’ll likely be disorientated from the get go! Investing in a watch is also a great idea to make sure you are in the right place at the right time.

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Next, either physically or mentally, make a note of your goals and aspirations, it will help get you in the right mindset for the upcoming term and will serve as a remember for why you have to get up at eight am and what you are working towards achieving by doing it. If you often need a pick me-up in the early weeks of term, try pinning the list on the fridge or to the home screen of your phone so you can check it regularly and get a boost. To make it stand out even more add some images/doodles. Also remind yourself that, although in first world countries we often forget, an education is a privilege that many around the world dream of being afforded.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, child, sky and outdoor

Contact your friends and arrange to meet up at some point during the first day, if it’s been a long holiday the chances are you haven’t seem them in a while and a good catch up can help beat the blues away. Take the time to listen to what they have to say, rather than doing all the talking yourself, it can be very relaxing to hear someone you care about talk enthusiastically about what they’ve been up to. Plus it will help you take your mind off the challenge of going back to school.

Image may contain: fruit and food

Eat healthily, you will look and feel better for it – if you indulge in too many sugary foods your mood will be low and the chances are you’ll break out in spots; which isn’t going to help you feel refreshed and confident for the term ahead. Swap out those sugary treats with the treat of trying a new fruit, such as starfruit or dragon fruit, you may end up finding your new favourite and you’ll be helping your taste buds to expand their repertoire – which is never a bad thing.

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The most important thing is to enjoy it whilst it lasts – we won’t be at school forever so we may as well make the most of it before we are spat out into the real world. This term I’m going to try and jot down the good things that happen each week in a notebook so I can keep looking back and remind myself of the fun and good fortune I’ve had, why don’t you join me?

Do you have any tips on how to beat the back to school blues?


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🌈 New Years Resolutions – In Doodle Form! 🌈


I hope you all had a great New Years Eve and any hangovers are minimal!

Inevitably as midnight rolled around my family began discussing resolutions for the New Year – and they all had differing opinions as to whether they are worth the time or not. My sixteen year old brother was firmly on the ‘Why bother, you’ll only fail’ side of things whilst I was (for a change!) on the more optimistic side of things. I believe that making resolutions for the New Year is a great tradition because it gives you a sense of purpose and fulfilment, even if it only ends up lasting for January. Also, why waste one of the only concrete opportunities you are given all year to really make a change, I never feel inclined to follow through with promises to change at any other time of the year – maybe this is just a personal downfall, but somehow it always feels like the wrong time if it’s not the New Year.

To mix things up a bit I decided to attempt (not very well) to hand-write my resolutions and add some doodles to go with them. It was a nice change to typing them on the computer and as college starts again on Tuesday I need to get back in the habit of writing things down anyway! Here they are:

No automatic alt text available.

If you would like to see the letter I wrote to myself last year you can find it here!

Maybe you need some inspirational quotes to get you going  – I posted my favourites last year, take a look at them here!

What are your resolutions?


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🎇 Crazy Christmas Presents Haul!! 🎇

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Okay, so it’s a bit late to be wishing you a Happy Christmas, but I hope you all had a wonderful time – whether you celebrated with family and friends, or just by yourself. It’s safe to say that I had a great Christmas and I was blessed with so many wonderful presents from friends and family that I feel I just have to share how generous everyone has been with you all. I know Christmas is about much more than just receiving presents, it’s about celebrating the birth of Jesus (duh!) and about showing love to all those around you, which this year I really did try to focus on, the presents you are about to see are just an extra bonus that I’m extremely lucky to be given. Here’s some of the lovely gifts that are currently seeking a home somewhere in my room:

First lets take a look at all the chocolate I got, because there was quite a bit – including a chocolate pizza slice!

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Something tells me if I eat all this I won’t be able to move for a very long time, I’ll definitely need to find somebody to share it all with! The selection boxes that were gifted to my family as a whole aren’t even included in this list, so you can imagine what our kitchen cupboards look like at the moment…

I also received some other edible and food themed gifts!

Image may contain: dessert and foodNo automatic alt text available.Image may contain: food

This adorable calendar was one of the gifts in my stocking. Each month has a mouth-watering image and the recipe to go with it. Judging by January’s whoopie pies my New Year diet is going to be painfully tested.

No automatic alt text available.

How cute are these gingerbread man earrings from my Nan?

No automatic alt text available.

Daisy really outdid herself this year, you’ll be hearing more about the things she gave me later on in this post but first can we please appreciate that I have never seen a sweeter reindeer in all my life. It’s almost too sweet for me to bare to remove the candy canes from inside.

No automatic alt text available.

I’m beyond excited to have a go at making these mini gingerbread cottages, not only do they look delicious – they even slide onto the side of your mug so you can enjoy them with your hot chocolate. Alex is going to get a big hug from me next time I see her for gifting me such an awesome edible present!

December is the month when I refrain from buying any bath or beauty products as I always receive an abundance.

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All of these products smelt amazing when I took them out of the packaging and I can’t wait to paint my nails such sparkly colours, especially as my sister turns 21 tomorrow, meaning I’ve got a party to go to! Mini shower products are just so cute too, they’ll look great on my shower shelf.

No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.

To keep all my new beauty products in I got this cool minimalist bag and a beautiful jewellery holder.

I’m in love with those flowers on the glass, it’s definitely going to take pride of place in my room. My sister also unwrapped a similar one so it’ll be nice to know that wherever we are we have a connection.

No automatic alt text available.Image may contain: coffee cup

Gold has been so on trend in the blogging world this year which is why I was so pleased to find these gems among my gifts. The first is a plaque, shaped like a heart, which reads ‘Leave a little sparkle wherever you go’ and the second is a ring holder which reads ‘Rings and precious things’. Currently they are sat on my windowsill waiting for a home somewhere they can easily be seen.

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With a Claires voucher I was given I went out and bought this assortment of earrings, what really drew me to them was the bronze colour, as most of my earrings are gold or silver, and also the interesting shapes. I particularly like the leaves in the bottom left hand corner.

No automatic alt text available.

My parents were generous enough to gift me these beautiful cross earrings, as they know Daisy and I have really been exploring our faith more this past year. I’m going to wear these proudly when I’m out and about.

No automatic alt text available.

This tree brooch is similar to the Tree of Life necklace I wear everyday so I need to pick an outfit that I can also wear this with. The small diamonds really add a unique feel to it and reflect the light, drawing attention to it.

No automatic alt text available.

My parents gifted me this lovely Cath Kidston bag, if you read my ‘What’s In My School Bag?’ post you will have seen that the rucksack I use everyday is also a Cath Kidston one so I’m excited to add another Kidston product to my collection. It’s the perfect size for carrying around everyday items and the pattern is so sweet.

No automatic alt text available.

This coin purse was a nice surprise because I can keep it in my new bag and the patterns are pretty similar, everyone knows me so well!

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing

We all know how much I love books, and that I have an ever-expanding collection of them so of course I would receive some at Christmas. This one came from my sister and I squealed when I realised what it was – because;

A) I love Hugh Laurie (look how handsome he is on the cover!)


B) I recently finished watching the BBCs adaptation of The Night Manager, which was incredible

Look out for this in a Read & Rave in the New Year when I’ve finished it!

Candles are another of my weaknesses

No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.Image may contain: candles

The first image is a candle holder with an S on it which now sits on my desk with a tea light in it, it’s a really nice addition to my room. If you’ve been paying really close attention to my blog lately you may have seen the ‘How To Clean Out Candle Containers’ post, where I actually cleaned out the last Wild Cotton candle that I’d finished – evidently my mother has been reading my blog because she bought me a new one to replace it! My friend Lottie also gave me two Yankee Candle testers that smell divine; the Fresh Cut Roses scent and the Lavender, I’m so attached to them I don’t want to burn them just yet.

I mentioned a little bit about my faith earlier so here are some more faith themed presents

No automatic alt text available.

This is a prayer dice that I can roll to reveal a short prayer when I’m not sure what to pray about. I’ve never actually seen these before but I think they’re a great idea, each of the prayers are really easy and I’ve already had a go at using some of this.

Image may contain: flower

This notebook from my Nan came wrapped with the dice and I’m entranced with the decoration, it’s so elaborate and the colour scheme is goes really well. The top left corner reads ‘Draw near to God and he will draw near to you’ which is a really nice quote which is repeated on each page. I might write some of my favourite prayers in it.

Image may contain: text

I told you we’d be coming back to more of Daisy’s gifts later on, she gave me these awesome tabs for my bible. They appear to have been handmade and help to mark the different bible books, I never thought of doing this but it’s a great idea, I just need to set aside some time to put them all in!

You can’t go wrong with something crafty!

No automatic alt text available.

Daisy didn’t just stop there she also went on to spoil me with the prettiest flower themed washi tape I’ve ever seen.

Image may contain: plant

This sea themed washi tape was another thing I picked up at Claires with my voucher, it was only a pound, I just couldn’t resist! I think I’m going to add these tapes to some of my outgoing Postcrossing cards to brighten them up a bit – so look out for them in my January Postcrossing round-up.

No automatic alt text available.

Technically I knew about this gift before I got it, because I picked it out but I’ve somehow begun collecting paper punches in my crafting stash so when I spotted this intricate star design I had to pick it up! My mum wrapped it and added it to my stocking for me because she’s so wonderful.

No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.

My main present this year was this incredible Die Cutting machine! Just look at how magnificent the box looks! I cannot wait to get started creating pieces for my scrapbooking, it’s going to really help me create some beautiful spreads. If you would like an un-boxing post let me know in the comments below.

There were some more gifts I wanted to show you but I think this post is far too long already! I hope you enjoyed having a peek at all the fantastic gifts I received as much as I enjoyed gushing about them! To finish off this haul here’s a pair of fluffy socks I got because no Christmas is complete without them:

No automatic alt text available.

What awesome gifts did you give or receive this year? Let me know in the comments.


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🚲 Postcrossing Outgoing December 🚲

Image may contain: outdoor

I’ve just got a quick Postcrossing round-up for you all today, to be honest the lack of incoming postcards is my own fault. There’s been so much going on around here recently that I’ve neglected to log into Postcrossing and send out any postcards, until yesterday. Goodness knows when they’ll reach their recipients as it’s so close to Christmas but oh well.

No automatic alt text available.

I love these first two because I’m sucker for a good quote, hopefully the recipients  will be as well!

The postcard on the left is heading off to the United States Of America, it actually came with my Erin Condren Life Planner at the start of the year when I wasn’t a member of Postcrossing. I was adamant I’d never have a reason to use it, but look how things have changed! Electra (what an amazing name) didn’t say what she wanted me to write about so I just told her a little bit about what the lead up to Christmas is like here.

The card on the right is going to Valeria in Ukraine who said she liked reading lots, I didn’t have a quote from a book but I decided ‘The world is your oyster’ is inspiring which is why I picked it. On the back I wrote about my two favourite books (If I stay and The Book Thief, in case you were wondering) and wished her a Happy Christmas.

Image may contain: outdoor

The card in the top left is heading off to Alina in Russia, she asked me to write about travel, I would have given her one of the Machu Picchu postcards but there were already two going in this batch so I decided to tell her about my trips to Cornwall instead. I actually wrote quite a lot on her card, telling her all about the holidays I used to go on and what some of my earliest memories there are! This is actually one of the postcards my mother bought back from Cornwall for me.

Top right is a postcard going to Germany for Merle who also asked me to write about travel/holidays so I told her all about my Peruvian expedition and the five day trek I completed up Machu Picchu. This card is actually one of my favourite because the photograph of the ruins is incredible.

Another Machu Picchu card is going off in this batch, pictured in the bottom left corner, the recipient is Corina in The Netherlands. Corina mentioned in her profile that she does a lot of work with animals which is why I’m sending her the close up of the Llama. I wasn’t sure what to write on the back so I chose to write out and decorate a quote about animals. I’m really happy with how this turned out because I love sending cards with something unusual written on them. If I could draw I would send out sketches but no-one wants a scribble of a dodgy stick man so alas the quotes will have to do!

Image may contain: text

The final card, in the bottom right hand corner is travelling to the flower-loving Dasha in Belarus. I’m not sure I’ve ever sent a postcard to Belarus so I was quite excited writing out the address, which in hindsight sounds a bit odd, but my fellow Postcrossers will understand! This card was the easiest to write because she mentioned that she would like to recieve cards with House Md on them which just happens to be one of my favourite shows. I rambled on about all my favourite characters and episodes so I’m praying that it won’t bore her to death.

So that’s the Postcrossing round-up for this month. I doubt I will see any cards through my letterbox until late January now because of the Christmas rush, but that’s fine. I’ll update you in the unlikely event anything makes it here sooner. It feels good to be back in the Postcrossing spirit, although, in hindsight I wish I’d gone out and bought some Christmassy postcards but I missed my opportunity – there’s always next year I suppose!


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💫 How To Clean Out & Reuse Candle Holders 💫

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As Christmas is less than a week away I thought I would share, what I hope, is a useful tip. Which is – how to remove the pesky leftover wax and wick from burnt out candles – so that the jars can be reused and turned into something new. I always receive lots of candles at Christmas so this seemed like a good time to let you know how I reuse them afterwards!

I will be cleaning out the two candles shown below, one where there is only a small amount of wax left and another where there is considerably more wax but the wick has burnt out. Both also have a considerable amount of ash around the rim.

No automatic alt text available.

I started by boiling the kettle. Then I took a pair of pliers to remove the wicks. I was able to pull the wick from the first candle straight out but the second one was buried in lots more wax so I left it until later on.

No automatic alt text available.

Once the kettle had boiled I let it cool very slightly (glass and boiling water don’t mix!) then I filled up both the candles and let them sit. Straight away I could see the wax residue beginning to melt and float to the surface. The scent of the candles also smelt stronger than ever, which was nice!

No automatic alt text available.Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

Once they had sat for a while I poured the water down the sink, making sure to be extremely careful as the glass was now very hot. I then took a wipe and cleaned off the ash. Next I used the pliers to remove the wick from the candle that had quite a lot of wax in it as the wax was now loose.

No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.

The glasses still had some small amounts of wax in them so I repeated the process of pouring boiling water into them, letting it sit and then pouring it away several times until they were squeaky clean.

No automatic alt text available.

Make sure once you’ve finished you send a couple of rounds of boiling water down the sink to prevent the wax solidifying inside the pipe and creating a blockage.

I think the glasses look much better now – and they’ve taken up pride of place on my desk as pen holders; although they could be used to store pretty much anything!

No automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.

I was so pleased with the process I did the same thing with several other burnt out candles I had lying around.

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💥 Let The Sparks Fly 💥

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Saturday was Bonfire Night here in the UK so my friends and I headed down to the local racecourse funfair and firework display. Here’s a look at the night through some quick snaps I took!

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My favourite rides were the bumper cars and the ferris wheel – I also one a toy duck on the hook a duck which was fun!!

Do you celebrate Bonfire Night and if you do, did you do anything exciting?


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Plan With Me // October 31.10.16

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My printer ran out of ink this week so I had to use the limited supplies I had to come up with the perfect spread! I managed to find some leftover skull stickers from a previous spread, one full box that matched and a bunch of washi tapes to fill in the gaps. I separated each box into certain elements, the top box is Blogging, the middle box is Personal and the bottom box is School. The sidebar is just miscellaneous tasks that need completing at some point during the week.

This is how it turned out:

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👼 You Go To Church?? 👼

Some of you may not know this, but, – every Sunday morning I wake up bright and early, meet up with Daisy and go to Church. We’ve been going together for about a year now (although I used to attend Sunday school when I was younger with my siblings) and we really enjoy it.

A while ago we made the decision to take a step further in our faith and realised we would both like to be Baptised and Confirmed.

I decided not to mention it before it happened as there was so much to prepare and sort out but now that it’s officially taken place I thought I would share some photos with you!

It was a really big weekend for the both of us and we were surrounded by supportive family and friends, even though most of them aren’t Christians. In fact, it was actually a wonderful surprise that so many of our friends agreed to come and support us despite our different beliefs.

Anyway here are some of the highlights from the weekend!

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My family and friends were kind enough to shower me with gifts and presents – which I was not expecting!

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Remember when I mentioned that I was learning to knit? Well my sister got me this book to help me out. I can’t wait to use it! She also bought me some of my  favourite American sweets.

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My mother made me a beautiful card and gave me this  perfect Swarovski crystal necklace. I actually wore it during my Baptism service.

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The ladies from our Church congregation made a display using a ladder, a piece of rainbow cloth and some flowers for us. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap a photo of it before the service started when the balloons were still attached but when they were it looked even more amazing! They hadn’t told us they were going to do it, so it was yet another wonderful surprise.
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So many of my friends showed up to support us, I was overwhelmed.

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We were Baptised on Saturday and then Confirmed on Sunday, it was certainly a weekend to remember!

If you want to learn more about my faith journey it’s this post!


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